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  1. JoWa

    Windows 10 Insider-uppgraderingar

    Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17738
  2. Mozilla Security Blog: TLS 1.3 Published: in Firefox Today Firefox 61 och 62 stöder utkast 28, och Firefox 63 stöder RFC 8446. Liknande i Chromium: M68 och M69 stöder utkast 28, och M70 stöder RFC 8446.
  3. Och här är äntligen RFC 8446: The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.3. A Detailed Look at RFC 8446 (a.k.a. TLS 1.3) (Cloudflare)
  4. JoWa

    Windows 10 Insider-uppgraderingar

    Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17735 Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18214 (Skip Ahead)
  5. JoWa

    Firefox 61.0.2

    Firefox 61.0.2:
  6. JoWa

    Chrome Beta & Chromium

    Google Chrome (Stabil) 68.0.3440.106 Nedladdning
  7. JoWa

    Windows 10 Insider-uppgraderingar

    Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17733
  8. JoWa

    LibreOffice 6.1.0

    The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 6.1, a major release which shows the power of a large and diverse community of contributors What’s new in LibreOffice 6.1 regarding user experience LibreOffice 6.1: Release Notes LibreOffice 6.1.0 Release Notes
  9. Minor update (4) for Vivaldi 1.15
  10. Opera 54.0.2952.71 Stable update
  11. JoWa

    Thunderbird 60.0

    Thunderbird 60.0 64-bit: 32-bit: NEW When writing a message, a delete button now allows the removal of a recipient. This delete button is displayed when hovering the To/Cc/Bcc selector. NEW Many improvements to attachments handling during compose: Attachments can now be reordered using a dialog, keyboard shortcuts, or drag and drop. The “Attach” button moved to the right to be above the attachment pane. The access key of the attachment pane (e.g. Alt+M, may vary depending on localization, Ctrl+M on Mac) now also works to show or hide the pane. The attachment pane can also be shown initially when composing a new message. Right-click on the header to enable this option. Hiding a non-empty attachment pane will now show a placeholder paperclip to indicate the presence of attachments and avoid sending them accidentally. NEW “Edit Template” command. This also solves various problems when saving as template (duplicates created, message ID lost). NEW “New Message from Template” command NEW Allow changing the Spellcheck Language from status bar NEW Light and Dark themes NEW WebExtension themes are now enabled in Thunderbird NEW A default startup directory in the address book window can now be configured NEW Individual feed update interval NEW An option under “Tools > Options, Advanced, General” now allows to select whether date/time display will follow the application locale (adjusted by operating system’s format settings for that locale) or the locale selected in the operating system’s regional settings. In other words, an US English Thunderbird can use, for example, German formats. NEW OAuth2 authentication for Yahoo and AOL NEW FIDO U2F support NEW Thunderbird now allows the conversion of folders from mbox to maildir format and vice versa. This is an experimental feature that needs to be enabled by setting the preference mail.store_conversion_enabled. Note that this functionality does not not work if the option “Allow Windows Search/Spotlight to search messages” is selected. NEW Calendar: Allow copying, cutting or deleting of a selected occurrence or the entire series for recurring events NEW Calendar: Provide an option to display locations for events in calendar day and week views NEW Calendar: Provide the ability for sending/not sending meeting notifications directly instead of showing a popup NEW Calendar: Option to select the target calendar when pasting an event or task NEW Calendar: Allow email scheduling for CalDAV servers supporting server-side scheduling NEW Thunderbird Chat now contains multiple built-in message themes CHANGED IMPORTANT: Add-ons not marked as compatible with Thunderbird 60 by their authors will be disabled (this can be reverted via preference extensions.strictCompatibility) CHANGED IMAP: When after sending a message storing that sent message fails, the message can now be stored in a local folder CHANGED Add-on options can no longer be configured from the Add-on Manager page. A new menu item “Add-on Options” is now available on the Tools menu. CHANGED When messages are composed in paragraph format, “body text” and split mail quotes are converted to paragraphs when pressing the enter key CHANGED “Edit As New Message” will now use the account’s default compose format, either HTML or plain text ignoring the format of the message. Plain text messages will be converted to HTML and vice versa. Then using the modifier, the format choice will be reverted. CHANGED The “Edit Draft” command now also honors the use of the shift key to convert HTML to plain text or vice versa when editing a draft CHANGED The plain text to HTML conversion has been improved where such a conversion is necessary for “Edit As New Message” or when the shift modifier is used for “Edit Draft” or “New Message from Template”. CHANGED During address entry, the matching part of the address is now shown in bold. Preference mail.autoComplete.commentColumn allows to display the address book where the address is stored. CHANGED When attaching a message via drag and drop, the subject of the message is now used as attachment name instead of “Attached Message” CHANGED Better address book photo handling: Photos can be added by drag and drop and a copy of all photos will be stored in the Thunderbird profile CHANGED On first start, Thunderbird now shows the account setup dialog, no longer the account provisioner dialog CHANGED Thunderbird follows Firefox’ Photon design with rectangular tabs and many other theme improvements CHANGED When customizing the From: address, Thunderbird will now use this address for the SMTP “MAIL FROM” command. Previously the address configured in the identity was used. The preference mail.smtp.useSenderForSmtpMailFrom allows return to the previous behavior. CHANGED Native notifications on Linux are now re-enabled CHANGED Thunderbird now uses Mozilla’s latest proxy technology (add-on FoxyProxy now supported) CHANGED Thunderbird now uses the latest Rust-based Mozilla technology, including Quantum’s CSS engine (based on Servo) and encoding_rs, for displaying and encoding messages CHANGED Calendar: Removal of capability to send email invitations compatible to Outlook 2002 and earlier CHANGED Calendar: Reminders on read-only calendars can now be dismissed, while reminders for missed events will now only be displayed for writable calendars if option “Show missed reminders for writable calendars” is selected CHANGED Thunderbird Chat: Nicknames inside of messages are colored to match the participants list FIXED When many Thunderbird clients or other email clients accessed the same IMAP draft folder, messages were sometimes sent with the wrong identity. This has been corrected and the user will be notified if none of their identities matches the draft. FIXED Various problems related to handling the IMAP trash folder: Under certain circumstances the selection of the trash folder didn’t persist, for example when the name contained non-ASCII characters, or in localized versions of Thunderbird. At times unwanted additional trash folders were created. Selection of a trash folder didn’t give immediate visual feedback. FIXED Shared IMAP folders not shown in subscribe dialog under some circumstances FIXED Messages moved between IMAP accounts were missing parts (embedded content or attachments) under some circumstances FIXED Improvements encoding/decoding message headers FIXED Text in the address book card view wasn’t selectable FIXED Passwords can now contain non-ASCII characters, like international characters, for example áäß, and symbols, for example €§ FIXED Outlook import. Note: Mail, address book and settings need to be imported individually as “Import Everything” currently does not work. FIXED Localised versions of Thunderbird didn’t show a localised name for Hotmail’s “Deleted” folder FIXED Contacts sidebar: Selection and context menu behavior FIXED Better error handling for Gmail authentication to avoid re-downloading of folders FIXED Thunderbird used a stale cached password after user edited a saved password FIXED Calendar: Wrong time formatting for some time zones FIXED Calendar: Can’t copy information from event dialog for received invitations
  12. JoWa

    Windows 10 Insider-uppgraderingar

    Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17730
  13. JoWa

    Chrome Beta & Chromium

    Google Chrome (Beta) 69.0.3497.23 Chrome 69 Beta: AV1 video decoder, CSS tricks, and more Chrome Platform Status Milestone 69 V8 release v6.9 Nedladdning
  14. JoWa

    LibreOffice 6.1.0

    The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 6.0.6 LibreOffice 6.0.6 Release Notes
  15. På ett år ökade andelen webbplatser som automatiskt använder HTTPS från 19,8 % till 37,5 %. Samtidigt har andelen webbplatser som har ett giltigt certifikat ökat kraftigt. ”Invalid Domain”, ogiltig domän – certifikat utfärdade för en annan domän – har minskat med drygt tio procentenheter, från 34,5 % till 24,4 %. Andelen webbplatser utan certifikat (”None”) har också minskat stadigt, från 24,6 % till 17,4 %. Som man kan se, är det IdenTrust som står för en stor del av den ökade och ökande certifikatanvändningen, men egentligen är det inte IdenTrust själva, utan Let’s Encrypt, som använder IdenTrusts rotcertifikat. IdenTrust utfärdar mycket få servercertifikat. Siffrorna avser andel av de tiomiljoner mest besökta webbplatserna (enligt Alexa).