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  1. Opera 65 beta
  2. Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19002 (Fast ring)
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  4. Opera 64.0.3417.61 Stable update
  5. JoWa

    Firefox 69.0.3

    Mozilla Security Blog: Improved Security and Privacy Indicators in Firefox 70
  6. Improving form controls in Microsoft Edge and Chromium
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  9. JoWa

    Firefox 69.0.3

    Mozilla Security Blog: Hardening Firefox against Injection Attacks
  10. En bunt nyheter om AV1 och VP9. Dav1d 0.5.0 ‘Asiatic Cheetah’: 0.5.0 is a medium release fixing regressions and minor issues, and improving speed significantly: Export ITU T.35 metadata Speed improvements on blend_ on ARM Speed improvements on decode_coef and MSAC NEON optimizations for blend*, w_mask_, ipred functions for ARM64 NEON optimizations for CDEF and warp on ARM32 SSE2 optimizations for MSAC hi_tok decoding SSSE3 optimizations for deblocking loopfilters and warp_affine AVX-2 optimizations for film grain and ipred_z2 SSE4 optimizations for warp_affine VSX optimizations for wiener Fix inverse transform overflows in x86 and NEON asm Fix integer overflows with large frames Improve film grain generation to match reference code Improve compatibility with older binutils for ARM More advanced Player example in tools ... aster/NEWS Phoronix har mätt och jämfört med 0.4.0: Dav1d 0.5 Released With AVX2, SSSE3 & ARM64 Performance Improvements - Benchmarks SVT-VP9 v0.1.0 Intel SVT-VP9 Finally Makes Its First Pre-Release For Speedy VP9 Encoding (Phoronix) AV1 is ready for prime time: SVT-AV1 beats x265 and libvpx in quality, bitrate and speed (Ewout ter Hoeven) SVT-AV1 v0.7.0 [0.7.0] - 2019-09-26 Encoder Enhanced MRP Reference Frames Intra Inter Compound QP Modulation support MFMV Support MD Staging design [Up to 4 MD stages and 3 prediction classes: Intra / Inter / Compound] Compound Motion prediction 10-bit Mode Decision support for Intra Thread safe resource allocation Added AVX512 Optimizations Added AVX2 Optimizations Decoder Screen Content Tools Temporal MV scan support Inter support Screen Content Tools support Post Processing Filters support Compound Mode (InterInter & InterIntra) Tool support Decoder Film Grain support Det finns nu ytterligare en AV1-avkodare, libgav1: Phoronix visar att den nya libgav1 är mycket långsammare än Dav1d: DAV1D vs. LIBGAV1 Performance – Benchmarking Google’s New AV1 Video Decoder
  11. JoWa

    Thunderbird 68.1.2

    Thunderbird 68.1.2 64-bit: 32-bit: fixed Visual glitches: Missing context menu in filter, downloads, password manager and Config Editor search boxes, unwanted scrollbars and cut-off text in Account Manager, incorrect colors in Calendar agenda scrollbars, theme issues on Windows 7 fixed Some attachments couldn’t be opened in messages originating from MS Outlook 2016 fixed Address book import form CSV fixed Performance problem in message body search fixed Ctrl+Enter to send a message would open an attachment if the attachment pane had focus fixed Calendar: Issues with “Today Pane” start-up fixed Calendar: Glitches with custom repeat and reminder number input fixed Calendar: Problems with WCAP provider
  12. Getting the November 2019 Update Ready for Release
  13. JoWa

    Firefox 69.0.3

    Firefox 69.0.3:
  14. Google Chrome (Stabil) 77.0.3865.120 Nedladdning
  15. Dev channel update to is live