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Välj anpassad installation och lägg till 3 i mappnamnet, om du redan har C:\Program\Mozilla Thunderbird.

Självklart. Det är till för att användas om så önskas. Notera bara att det måste uppdateras varje gång du uppdaterar Thunderbird. Ny programversion = nytt språkpaket, och det sker inte automatiskt. Dä

Thunderbird 52.6.0: FIXED Searching message bodies of messages in local folders, including filter and quick filter operations

Posted Images

Thunderbird 38.6.0:

  • FIXED Various security fixes.
  • FIXED Filters ran on a different folder than selected
  • FIXED For Windows systems on roaming profiles, could not display messages after Thunderbird update (related to Lightning updates)

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Thunderbird 45.0:

  • NEW Add a Correspondents column combining Sender and Recipient
  • NEW Much better support for XMPP chatrooms and commands.
  • NEW Remote content exceptions: Improved options to add exceptions.
  • NEW Implement option to always use HTML formatting to prevent unexpected format loss when converting messages to plain text.
  • NEW Use OpenStreetmap for maps (even allow the user to choose from list of map services)
  • NEW Allow spell checking and dictionary selection in the subject line
  • NEW Allow editing of From when composing a message.
  • NEW Add dropdown in compose to allow specific setting of font size.
  • NEW Return/Enter in composer will now insert a new paragraph by default (shift-Enter will insert a line break)
  • NEW Allow copying of name and email address from the message header of an email
  • NEW supports OAuth authentication.
  • FIXED Fixed: When sending e-mail which was composed using Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters, unwanted extra spaces were inserted within the text.
  • FIXED Spell checker checked spelling in invisible HTML parts of the message.
  • FIXED When saving a draft that is edited as new message, original draft was overwritten.
  • FIXED External images not displayed in reply/forward
  • FIXED Crashed in some cases while parsing IMAP messages.
  • FIXED Properly preserve pre-formatted blocks in message replies.
  • FIXED Copy/paste from a plain text editor lost white-space (multiple spaces/blanks, tabs, newlines)
  • FIXED “Open Draft”/“Forward”/“Edit As New”/“Reply” created message composition with incorrect character encoding.
  • FIXED Fixed: Grouped By view sort direction change was broken, plus enabled custom column grouping.
  • FIXED Fixed: New emails into a mailbox did not adhere to sort order by received.
  • FIXED Fixed: attachments failed to upload.
  • FIXED Fixed: Drag and drop of multiple attachments failed to OS file folder.
  • FIXED XMPP had connection problems for users with large rosters
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En Kollega till mig kör idag  Thunderbird ver  24,6,0 

(Oklart varför. Det verkar vara gammal ) 

1. Går det bara uppdatera programmet internt och det laddas ner senaste ver?
2. Komplikationer,följdfel, Svenska? , följer inställningar med (Moz Backup kanske)

3. Finns autostavning eller behöver man ladda ner extensions ?
(kopiera-klistra text till word för stavfel,grammatik-korrektur är jobbigt i längden)

4. Vad för säkerhetstänk kan man iakta? 
sandboxie - extra lager skydd - mm i programmet


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En Kollega till mig kör idag  Thunderbird ver  24,6,0 

(Oklart varför. Det verkar vara gammal ) 

1. Går det bara uppdatera programmet internt och det laddas ner senaste ver?

2. Komplikationer,följdfel, Svenska? , följer inställningar med (Moz Backup kanske)

3. Finns autostavning eller behöver man ladda ner extensions ?

(kopiera-klistra text till word för stavfel,grammatik-korrektur är jobbigt i längden)

4. Vad för säkerhetstänk kan man iakta? 

sandboxie - extra lager skydd - mm i programmet





1 + 2. Normalt uppdaterar man internt (Menyn - Hjälp - Om) och allt följer med, men om det fungerar att gå från version 24 till 45 utan problem är ju svårt att veta. Backuper är alltid bra.


3. Installerar man svensk Thunderbird så verkar det ingå svensk ordlista för jag har bara en engelsk ordlista installerad. Däremot ingen grammatikkontroll.


4. Man kan ställa in att alla mejl ska visas som ren text, dvs inga script eller annat körs.

Man kan ställa in att inga bilder ska hämtas, dvs man slipper spårning via bildhämtning.

Skräppostfiltrering finns liksom varning för misstänkt e-postbluff.

Om man har antivirusprogram med e-postkontroll så kan det kolla innehåll och bilagor.

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Thunderbird 45.1.0:

  • FIXED Drag & Drop a contact name from Thunderbird address book (list view) to address box in a new message “compose” window failed.
  • FIXED UI elements became larger when moused over on retina displays/monitor on Mac OS X
  • FIXED DIGEST-MD5 authentication in JS-XMPP failed for some users (now disabled).
  • FIXED Font indicator in compose falsely claimed certain fonts were not installed.
  • FIXED Printing failed in composition window.
  • FIXED Various improvements in handling of message compose in paragraph mode.
  • FIXED Automatic correspondents column upgrade disabled
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Thunderbird 45.1.1:

FIXED When entering members into a mailing list, the enter key dismissed the panel instead of just moving onto the next line
FIXED Email without HTML elements was sent as HTML, despite “Delivery Format: Auto-detect” option
FIXED Options applied to a template were lost when the template was used.
FIXED Contacts could not be deleted when they were found through a search
FIXED Views from global searches did not respect “mail.threadpane.use_correspondents”

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Bättre sent än aldrig.

Thunderbird 45.2.0:

What’s New

Various security fixes

  • FIXED Invitations to events could not be printed.
  • FIXED Dragging and dropping of contacts from the contact list onto an addressbook while All Addressbooks is selected moved only one contact
  • FIXED Falsely reported not enough disk space during compacting
  • FIXED Links were not always detected properly in the message body (terminated early on “|”, some long links not detected at all)

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Thunderbird 45.4.0:

  • FIXED Display name was truncated if no separating space before email address.
  • FIXED Recipient addresses were shown in red despite being inserted from the address book in some circumstances.
  • FIXED Additional spaces were inserted when drafts were edited.
  • FIXED Mail saved as template copied In-Reply-To and References from original email.
  • FIXED Threading broken when editing message draft, due to loss of Message-ID
  • FIXED “Apply columns to…” did not honor special folders

Och ändringarna i 45.3.0:

  • FIXED Disposition-Notification-To could not be used in mail.compose.other.header
  • FIXED “edit as new message” on a received message pre-filled the sender as the composing identity.
  • FIXED Certain messages caused corruption of the drafts summary database.
  • FIXED Various security fixes

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Thunderbird 45.5.0:

  • CHANGED IMPORTANT: Changed recipient address entry: Arrow-keys now copy the pop-up value to the input field. Mouse-hovered pop-up value can no longer be confirmed with tab or enter key. This restores the behavior of Thunderbird 24.
  • CHANGED Support changes to character limit in Twitter
  • FIXED Reply with selected text containing quote resulted in wrong quoting level indication
  • FIXED Mail address display at header pane displayed incorrectly if the address contains UTF-8 according to RFC 6532
  • FIXED Attempting to sort messages on the Date field whilst a quick filter is applied got stuck on sort descending
  • FIXED Email invitation might not be displayed when description contains non-ASCII characters

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Thunderbird 45.7.0:

FIXED Message preview pane non-functional after IMAP folder was renamed or moved
FIXED “Move To” button on “Search Messages” panel not working
FIXED Message sent to “undisclosed recipients” shows no recipient (non-functional since Thunderbird version 38)
FIXED Calendar: No way to accept/decline email invitations when sent and received messages are stored in the same folder
FIXED Various security fixes


FIXED The system integration dialog was shown every time when starting Thunderbird
FIXED Various security fixes

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Thunderbird 52.0:

  • NEW Folder pane toolbar and folder view selector (replacement for folder view arrows)
  • NEW Optionally remove corresponding data files when removing an account from Thunderbird
  • NEW Import settings from Becky! Internet Mail
  • NEW Possibility to copy message filter
  • NEW Dictionary setting is restored when editing a draft. Content-Language header (RFC 3282) transmitted with message
  • NEW Calendar: Event can now be created and edited in a tab
  • NEW Calendar: Processing of received invitation counter proposals
  • NEW Chat: Support Twitter Direct Messages
  • NEW Chat: Liking and favoriting in Twitter
  • NEW Chat: XMPP: Support SASL SCRAM authentication mechanism
  • NEW Chat: Support Jabber/XMPP Message Carbons (XEP-280)
  • CHANGED IMPORTANT: The way images are included in a compose window has changed. Images are now included as data URIs and not as references to parts of other messages or operating system files. This allows better interoperability with office packages such as MS Office or LibreOffice. Images linked from locations on the internet will no longer be downloaded and attached to the message automatically. This can be changed for each image individually via the Image Properties dialog or globally by setting the preference mail.compose.attach_http_images.
  • CHANGED Correspondents column now default for all new folders, can be switched off with preference mail.threadpane.use_correspondents
  • CHANGED When replying to a mailing list, reply will be sent to address in From header ignoring Reply-to header
  • CHANGED On Linux PulseAudio is now required to play sound
  • CHANGED Formatting toolbar is now left in place when delivery format is switched to plain text only
  • CHANGED Messages in IMAP folders read on external device are now filtered by default
  • CHANGED Folders backed by mbox storage larger than 4GB are supported without warning (unless preference mailnews.allowMboxOver4GB is set to false)
  • CHANGED IMAP caching now uses Mozilla’s latest caching technology
  • CHANGED Chat: Removed Yahoo! Messenger support (since Yahoo removed support)
  • FIXED Message preview pane non-functional after IMAP folder was renamed or moved
  • FIXED Editing in paragraph format: Pressing Shift+Enter sometimes doesn't move the cursor to the next line
  • FIXED Various corrections when composing messages in paragraph format
  • FIXED Paste as quotation doesn’t always work
  • FIXED Long lines in plain text replies not properly wrapped
  • FIXED Undesired white-space before signature in paragraph mode
  • FIXED When attachment unavailable, compose shows endless “Attaching…” message instead of error
  • FIXED Text encoding of reply sometimes incorrect (uses encoding of last viewed message)
  • FIXED Text encoding of message display, reply or forwarded message sometimes incorrect (uses encoding of attachment)
  • FIXED Delivery Format not preserved for saved drafts (Auto-Detect|Plaintext|HTML|Both)
  • FIXED Reply to own e-mail does not reply with the correct identity
  • FIXED IMAP message part caching
  • FIXED Links with escaped non-ASCII (international) characters can’t be clicked
  • FIXED Calendar: Events specified in timezone “local time” generate alerts in UTC time
  • FIXED Chat: XMPP Resource collisions

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Thunderbird 52.1.1:

  • FIXED Crash when compacting IMAP folder
  • FIXED Some attachments can’t be opened or saved if the message body is empty
  • FIXED Unable to load full message via POP if message was downloaded partially (or only headers) before
  • FIXED Large attachments may not be shown or saved correctly if the message is stored in an IMAP folder which is not synchronized for offline use

Thunderbird 52.1.0:

  • FIXED Google Oauth setup can sometimes not progress to the next step
  • FIXED Background images not working and other issues related to embedded images when composing email
  • FIXED Various security fixes
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Thunderbird 52.2.0:

  • FIXED Embedded images not shown in email received from Hotmail/Outlook webmailer
  • FIXED Detection of non-ASCII font names in font selector
  • FIXED Attachment not forwarded correctly under certain circumstances
  • FIXED Multiple requests for master password when GMail OAuth2 is enabled
  • FIXED Large number of blank pages being printed under certain circumstances when invalid preferences were present
  • FIXED Messages sent via the Simple MAPI interface are forced to HTML
  • FIXED Calendar: Invitations can’t be printed
  • FIXED Mailing list (group) not accessible from macOS or Outlook address book
  • FIXED Clicking on links with references/anchors where target doesn’t exist in the message not opening in external browser
  • FIXED Various security fixes

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Thunderbird 52.4.0:

  • NEW In Thunderbird 52 a new behavior was introduced for replies to mailing list posts: “When replying to a mailing list, reply will be sent to address in From header ignoring Reply-to header”. A new preference mail.override_list_reply_to allows to restore the previous behavior.
  • FIXED Under certain circumstances (image attachment and non-image attachment), attached images were shown truncated in messages stored in IMAP folders not synchronised for offline use.
  • FIXED IMAP UIDs > 0x7FFFFFFF not handled properly
  • FIXED Various security fixes


  • FIXED Various security fixes
  • FIXED Large attachments taking a long time to open under some circumstances
  • FIXED No authorisation prompt displayed when inserting image into email body although image URL requires authentication
  • FIXED Selected text from another message sometimes included in a reply
  • FIXED Inline images not scaled to fit when printing
  • FIXED Message disposition flag (replied / forwarded) lost when reply or forwarded message was stored as draft and draft was sent later
  • FIXED Deleting message from the POP3 server not working when maildir storage was used
  • FIXED Unwanted inline images shown in rogue SPAM messages

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Thunderbird 52.5.0:

  • NEW Better support for Charter/Spectrum IMAP: Thunderbird will now detect Charter’s IMAP service and send an additional IMAP select command to the server. Check the various preferences ending in “force_select” to see whether auto-detection has discovered this case.
  • FIXED In search folders spanning multiple base folders clicking on a message sometimes marked another message as read
  • FIXED IMAP alerts have been corrected and now show the correct server name in case of connection problems
  • FIXED POP alerts have been corrected and now indicate connection problems in case the configured POP server cannot be found
  • FIXED Various security fixes

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Thunderbird 52.6.0:

  • FIXED Searching message bodies of messages in local folders, including filter and quick filter operations, not working reliably: Content not found in base64-encode message parts, non-ASCII text not found and false positives found.
  • FIXED Defective messages (without at least one expected header) not shown in IMAP folders but shown on mobile devices
  • FIXED Calendar: Unintended task deletion if numlock is enabled
  • FIXED Various security fixes

  • Thanks 1
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  • JoWa changed the title to Thunderbird 52.9.0

Thunderbird 52.9.0:

  • CHANGED Thunderbird will now prompt to compact IMAP folders even if the account is online
  • FIXED Complete fix of the EFAIL vulnerability: 1) Removing some HTML crafted to carry out an attack. 2) Optionally: Not decrypting subordinate message parts that otherwise might reveal decryted content to the attacker. Preference mailnews.p7m_subparts_external needs to be set to true for added security.
  • FIXED Various problems when forwarding messages inline when using “simple” HTML view
  • FIXED Various security fixes



  • FIXED Searching message bodies of messages in local folders, including filter and quick filter operations, did not find content in message attachments
  • FIXED Better error handling for Yahoo accounts
  • FIXED Various security fixes

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  • JoWa changed the title to Thunderbird 60.0

Thunderbird 60.0

  • NEW When writing a message, a delete button now allows the removal of a recipient. This delete button is displayed when hovering the To/Cc/Bcc selector.
  • NEW Many improvements to attachments handling during compose: Attachments can now be reordered using a dialog, keyboard shortcuts, or drag and drop. The “Attach” button moved to the right to be above the attachment pane. The access key of the attachment pane (e.g. Alt+M, may vary depending on localization, Ctrl+M on Mac) now also works to show or hide the pane. The attachment pane can also be shown initially when composing a new message. Right-click on the header to enable this option. Hiding a non-empty attachment pane will now show a placeholder paperclip to indicate the presence of attachments and avoid sending them accidentally.
  • NEW “Edit Template” command. This also solves various problems when saving as template (duplicates created, message ID lost).
  • NEW “New Message from Template” command
  • NEW Allow changing the Spellcheck Language from status bar
  • NEW Light and Dark themes
  • NEW WebExtension themes are now enabled in Thunderbird
  • NEW A default startup directory in the address book window can now be configured
  • NEW Individual feed update interval
  • NEW An option under “Tools > Options, Advanced, General” now allows to select whether date/time display will follow the application locale (adjusted by operating system’s format settings for that locale) or the locale selected in the operating system’s regional settings. In other words, an US English Thunderbird can use, for example, German formats.
  • NEW OAuth2 authentication for Yahoo and AOL
  • NEW FIDO U2F support
  • NEW Thunderbird now allows the conversion of folders from mbox to maildir format and vice versa. This is an experimental feature that needs to be enabled by setting the preference mail.store_conversion_enabled. Note that this functionality does not not work if the option “Allow Windows Search/Spotlight to search messages” is selected.
  • NEW Calendar: Allow copying, cutting or deleting of a selected occurrence or the entire series for recurring events
  • NEW Calendar: Provide an option to display locations for events in calendar day and week views
  • NEW Calendar: Provide the ability for sending/not sending meeting notifications directly instead of showing a popup
  • NEW Calendar: Option to select the target calendar when pasting an event or task
  • NEW Calendar: Allow email scheduling for CalDAV servers supporting server-side scheduling
  • NEW Thunderbird Chat now contains multiple built-in message themes
  • CHANGED IMPORTANT: Add-ons not marked as compatible with Thunderbird 60 by their authors will be disabled (this can be reverted via preference extensions.strictCompatibility)
  • CHANGED IMAP: When after sending a message storing that sent message fails, the message can now be stored in a local folder
  • CHANGED Add-on options can no longer be configured from the Add-on Manager page. A new menu item “Add-on Options” is now available on the Tools menu.
  • CHANGED When messages are composed in paragraph format, “body text” and split mail quotes are converted to paragraphs when pressing the enter key
  • CHANGED “Edit As New Message” will now use the account’s default compose format, either HTML or plain text ignoring the format of the message. Plain text messages will be converted to HTML and vice versa. Then using the modifier, the format choice will be reverted.
  • CHANGED The “Edit Draft” command now also honors the use of the shift key to convert HTML to plain text or vice versa when editing a draft
  • CHANGED The plain text to HTML conversion has been improved where such a conversion is necessary for “Edit As New Message” or when the shift modifier is used for “Edit Draft” or “New Message from Template”.
  • CHANGED During address entry, the matching part of the address is now shown in bold. Preference mail.autoComplete.commentColumn allows to display the address book where the address is stored.
  • CHANGED When attaching a message via drag and drop, the subject of the message is now used as attachment name instead of “Attached Message”
  • CHANGED Better address book photo handling: Photos can be added by drag and drop and a copy of all photos will be stored in the Thunderbird profile
  • CHANGED On first start, Thunderbird now shows the account setup dialog, no longer the account provisioner dialog
  • CHANGED Thunderbird follows Firefox’ Photon design with rectangular tabs and many other theme improvements
  • CHANGED When customizing the From: address, Thunderbird will now use this address for the SMTP “MAIL FROM” command. Previously the address configured in the identity was used. The preference mail.smtp.useSenderForSmtpMailFrom allows return to the previous behavior.
  • CHANGED Native notifications on Linux are now re-enabled
  • CHANGED Thunderbird now uses Mozilla’s latest proxy technology (add-on FoxyProxy now supported)
  • CHANGED Thunderbird now uses the latest Rust-based Mozilla technology, including Quantum’s CSS engine (based on Servo) and encoding_rs, for displaying and encoding messages
  • CHANGED Calendar: Removal of capability to send email invitations compatible to Outlook 2002 and earlier
  • CHANGED Calendar: Reminders on read-only calendars can now be dismissed, while reminders for missed events will now only be displayed for writable calendars if option “Show missed reminders for writable calendars” is selected
  • CHANGED Thunderbird Chat: Nicknames inside of messages are colored to match the participants list
  • FIXED When many Thunderbird clients or other email clients accessed the same IMAP draft folder, messages were sometimes sent with the wrong identity. This has been corrected and the user will be notified if none of their identities matches the draft.
  • FIXED Various problems related to handling the IMAP trash folder: Under certain circumstances the selection of the trash folder didn’t persist, for example when the name contained non-ASCII characters, or in localized versions of Thunderbird. At times unwanted additional trash folders were created. Selection of a trash folder didn’t give immediate visual feedback.
  • FIXED Shared IMAP folders not shown in subscribe dialog under some circumstances
  • FIXED Messages moved between IMAP accounts were missing parts (embedded content or attachments) under some circumstances
  • FIXED Improvements encoding/decoding message headers
  • FIXED Text in the address book card view wasn’t selectable
  • FIXED Passwords can now contain non-ASCII characters, like international characters, for example áäß, and symbols, for example €§
  • FIXED Outlook import. Note: Mail, address book and settings need to be imported individually as “Import Everything” currently does not work.
  • FIXED Localised versions of Thunderbird didn’t show a localised name for Hotmail’s “Deleted” folder
  • FIXED Contacts sidebar: Selection and context menu behavior
  • FIXED Better error handling for Gmail authentication to avoid re-downloading of folders
  • FIXED Thunderbird used a stale cached password after user edited a saved password
  • FIXED Calendar: Wrong time formatting for some time zones
  • FIXED Calendar: Can’t copy information from event dialog for received invitations

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  • JoWa changed the title to Thunderbird 60.2.1

Thunderbird 60.2.1

  • CHANGED Calendar: Default values for the first day of the week and working days are now derived from the selected datetime formatting locale (restart after changing locale in the OS required)
  • CHANGED Calendar: Switch to a Photon-style icon set for all platforms
  • FIXED Multiple requests for master password when Google Mail or Calendar OAuth2 is enabled
  • FIXED Scrollbar of the address entry auto-complete popup does not work
  • FIXED Security info dialog in compose window does not show certificate status
  • FIXED Links in the Add-on Manager’s search results and theme browsing tabs open in external browser
  • FIXED Localized versions of Thunderbird didn’t show a localized name for the “Drafts” and “Sent” folders for certain IMAP providers (particularly in France)
  • FIXED Replying to a message with an empty subject inserted Re: twice (not working in Thunderbird 60.0)
  • FIXED Spellcheck marks disappeared erroneously for words with an apostrophe (not working in Thunderbird 60.0)
  • FIXED Calendar: First day of the week cannot be set
  • FIXED Calendar: Several fixes related to cutting/deleting of events and email scheduling

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  • JoWa changed the title to Thunderbird 78.5.0

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  • Liknande innehåll

    • Av Ängegärd
      HEjSann & hallå!!!

      Thunderbird visar inte Å, Ä, Ö korrekt. Det blir bra direkt efter en uppdatering. Men efter någon minut är det tok ingen. Någon som vet hur jag justerar detta?
    • Av JoWa
      Firefox 10.0 är tillgänglig: https://www.mozilla....irefox/all.html

      The forward button is now hidden until you navigate back Most add-ons are now compatible with new versions of Firefox by default Anti-Aliasing for WebGL is now implemented (see bug 615976) CSS3 3D-Transforms are now supported (see bug 505115) HTML5
      New <bdi> element for bi-directional text isolation, along with supporting CSS properties (see bugs 613149 and 662288) Full Screen APIs allow you to build a web application that runs full screen (see the feature page) DEVELOPER
      We’ve added IndexedDB APIs to more closely match the specification Inspect tool with content highlighting, includes new CSS Style Inspector FIXED
      Mac OS X only – after installing the latest Java release from Apple, Firefox may crash when closing a tab with a Java applet installed (700835) Some users may experience a crash when moving bookmarks (681795) https://www.mozilla....0/releasenotes/
    • Av Ängegärd
      HEjSann & hallå!!!
      Önskar/hjälp tips på tillägg till Thunderbird för backup av e-postkonton. Är ute efter någon som tar backup på inställningar osv. Någon???
      TACKsam för hjälp!!!
    • Av Sir_N
      Jag brukar annonsera om föreningsaktiviteter på föreningens webbsida och dessutom skicka ut mejl till medlemmarn i vissa fall.
      Då brukar jag bara kopiera text och bild(er) på webbsidan och klistra in dem i ett nytt mejl i Thunderbird. Det har funkat i flera år, när jag i går gjorde samma sak, så blev endast ren text (plain text).
      Jag har kollat igenom inställningarna och ser inget avvikande. Under kontoinställningar är det valt HTML, jag har inte angett någon mottgare när jag klistrar in, så det är inte "mottagaren accepterar inte html" som stökar till det.
      Känns som om någon av de senaste uppdateringarna är orsaken, jag har inte ändrat något i mejlprogrammet på sistone.
      Någon som märkt något liknande eller har ett förslag på lösning?
    • Av Ängegärd
      HEjSann & hallå!!!
      Har fått problem med Tillägget "Thunderbird Conversations" till Thunderbird. Den gemensama inkorgen visar inte längre alla e-post konton som finns upplagda i Thunderbird.
      Har provat att avinstallera Thunderbird Conversations utan framgång. Har oxå provat att avinstallera Thunderbird och Thunderbird Conversations utan framgång.
      Installerade tillägg för utom Thunderbird Conversations
      Adblock Plus
      Contact Tabs
      Tacksam för hjälp/idéer på vad som kan vara tok!
    • Av Sir_N
      En bekant fick problem med att det plötsligt inte  gick att hämta mail (IMAP) med Thunderbird, det föregicks av meddelande om misstänkt olovlig inloggning på kontot. Det har hela tiden gått bra att logga in via webbmail.
      Nu har jag inte sett vad som hänt hela tiden, men ett av meddelandena är enligt bif "Säkerhetsundantag".
      Sedan kom "Meddelande från kontot". Vi har provat olika alternativ som föreslås på länken i bilden: Men inget har hjälpt.
      Nu plötsligt kommer meddelande enligt "Ett fel inträffade". (E-postadressen är min bekants andra e-postadress och även e-postadress för återställning hos google.)
      Hon har bytt lösenord på sitt googlekonto, webbmail fungerar fortfarande ok.
      Jag har avinstallerat Thunderbird, raderat kvarvarande T-bird-mappar och filer samt gjort en nyinstallation av T-bird.
      Jag har själv ett gäng gmail-adresser, men aldrig haft några sådan problem.
      Tacksam om du har en hint om vad som kan göras!