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Windows 7 build 6956 performance test


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hittade detta på en sida idag:

My Hardware 2.0 mailbag is brimming with Windows 7 related questions. The main question on everyones lips is the obvious one - How does Windows 7 stack up against Vista?

Important note: Before I go any further I feel I need to make a point, and make it clear. The build Im testing of Windows 7 (build 6956) is a pre-beta build, and as a rule pre-beta builds arent known for their performance. That said, the performance of this build should give us a clue as to how the OS is coming along.

This test will pitch Windows 7 build 6956 32-bit against Windows Vista RTM 32-bit and Windows Vista SP1 32-bit.

Check out the Windows 7 build 6956 benchmark gallery

UPDATE: Ive added Windows XP data to the data below. Check out this post for details.

The System

Heres the spec of the system I used:

Phenom 9700 quad-core processor

ATI Radeon 3850 graphics card with 256MB RAM

ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe motherboard

2GB (2 x 1GB) Corsair Dominator CM2X1024-8500C5D RAM

Western Digital Raptor 10,000RPM 150GB primary hard drive

Western Digital Caviar 7,200RPM 500GB secondary hard drive

Each system was fully patched with all patches available from Windows Update.

Other noteworthy points:

No optimizations were carried out other than to process idle tasks and defrag the hard drive between each test. 

Windows Defender was left on for all tests. 

The Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 testing guidelines document was followed closely.

The Tests

For this test were going to use one real life test and three synthetic benchmarks:

Boot-up time

PassMark PerformanceTest

PCMark Vantage


This is a simple test which involves measuring the time it takes to go from the boot loader to a usable desktop.

Windows 7 build 6956

Boot up time: 20 sec

Vista 32-bit RTM

Boot up time: 27 sec

Vista 32-bit SP1

Boot up time: 31 sec

Note: Lower score is better.

Advantage: Windows 7

PassMark PerformanceTest

PassMark PerformanceTest 6 is a comprehensive benchmarking app that examines several key aspects of the system:

CPU tests Mathematical operations, compression, encryption, SSE, 3DNow! instructions and more

2D graphics tests Drawing lines, bitmaps, fonts, text, and GUI elements

3D graphics tests Simple to complex DirectX 3D graphics and animations

Disk tests Reading, writing and seeking within disk files

Memory tests Allocating and accessing memory speed and efficiency

CD / DVD test Test the speed of your CD or DVD drive 

Here are the results:

Windows 7 build 6956

Score: 1007.5

Vista 32-bit RTM

Score: 1001.3

Vista 32-bit SP1

Score: 986.6

Note: Higher score is better.

Advantage: Windows 7

Next we move onto PCMark Vantage. A PCMark score is a measure of your computers performance across a variety of common tasks such as viewing and editing photos, video, music and other media, gaming, communications, productivity and security.

Windows 7 build 6956

Score: 5233

Vista 32-bit RTM

Score: 4807

Vista 32-bit SP1

Score: 4762

Note: Higher score is better.

Advantage: Windows 7


Next, CINEBENCH. CINEBENCH is a real-world test suite based on MAXONs award-winning animation software, CINEMA 4D, which is used extensively by studios and production houses worldwide for 3D content creation.

Windows 7 build 6956

1CPU Score: 2076

xCPU Score: 7370

Multi-proc speedup: 3.55x

OpenGL: 3183

Vista 32-bit RTM

1CPU Score: 2172

xCPU Score: 7808

Multi-proc speedup: 3.59x

OpenGL: 3960

Vista 32-bit SP1

1CPU Score: 2084

xCPU Score: 7140

Multi-proc speedup: 3.43x

OpenGL: 3458

Note: Higher score is better.

Advantage: Windows Vista 32-bit RTM


What we have here is one set of data points for one particular system, but I think that the results are very promising. The fact that Windows 7 comes out top in three out of four of these tests at this early stage is very promising indeed. The boot time and PCMark Vantage results are particularly good.

I remember benchmarking an early pre-beta of Vista and it was awful compared to XP at the time. At this stage I can only assume that the RTM release of Windows 7 will offer more performance than this build, and will at the RTM stage be better than Vista. This is great for those who are concerned about the OS soaking up too much system resources.

Source:ZDNet Hardware 2.0 Blog

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vet inte någon har postat detta iaf men gör det då.

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Har 6956 i en plus lap kör bara dom. När jag använder datorn med Vista som jag har som server tror man

att nätverkssladden inte är inkopplad sen kommer nätverket upp.6956 mycket snabb med fjärrskrivbord.

Verkar väldigt lovande med tanke på att det bara är en prebeta.

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