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Windows Live Messenger 9 skarp

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Slightly later than expected, but Windows Live Essentials has been updated. The suite includes the release candidate of Windows Live Messenger 2009 with build number 14.0.8050.1202. We'll update the list of changes below as we discover them (some of these items have previously been reported). Because nearly 200 bugs have been fixed, we won't go into listing them.

- User interface has been updated, including the toasts.

- Sign-in screen has been restyled.

- New program/tray icon.

- Updated e-mail icon showing the number of new e-mails more clearly.

- Updated Group window header

- SkyDrive officially replaces sharing folders feature (Actions > View your online files).

- Expanded What's new area shows more details (eg. complete Tweets, added pictures, etc.) and Post a note has been updated for some items.

- What's new per contact in conversation window.

- You cannot choose your own signature sound any longer. You can only assign signature sounds to your contacts.

- Webcam snapshot has been renamed to Webcam Picture.

- Tile with moods has been renamed to Dynamic Picture.

- Modify moods, videos and/or pictures of previously made Dynamic Pictures.

- Change scene option added to status dropdown list.

- More default Scenes.

- Updated and new static/animated display pictures featuring the Messenger buddy, Morty and Daisy... Err, who?

- Windows 7 Jumplists.

- Save pictures presented through PhotoShare (Previous photo/Next photo/Save photo).

- What's new list options accessible through an icon next to

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Vill bara påpeka att Live messenger 9 fungerar ej om du har F-secure 2007 eller 2008 installerad på datorn. Man får bara meddelande att " Live communications platform har slutat att fungera" och det beror främst på Internet sköld som verkar vara buggigt.Installerade F-secure 2009 och det fungerar fint.


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