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ASCII-koder på bärbar dator

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Borde väl gå att använda funktionen "AutoCorrect"?

Insert a symbol by using AutoCorrect

Note This feature requires Microsoft Word 2002 or later. You can also use Microsoft Outlook 2000 or later while using Word as your e-mail editor. When using Outlook, the Word version must match the Outlook version.

AutoCorrect has a predefined keyboard shortcut for creating a degree symbol. Do the following:

Press CTRL+@, then press SPACEBAR.

Note You must use the SHIFT key to create the @ on many keyboards, so the keyboard shortcut is really CTRL+SHIFT+2, and then press SPACEBAR.

You can also define your own custom AutoCorrect entry.

In Word, or in an Outlook message window, on the Insert menu, click Symbol, and then click the Symbols tab.

Select the symbol that you want, and then click AutoCorrect.

The symbol will automatically appear in the With box.

In the Replace box, type a word or phrase that you want to associate with the degree symbol for example, type degreemark.

Click Add.

Click OK.

In your documents, when you want to use the degree symbol that you just defined, type the replace word that you used in step 4.

Källa: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/project/...1179441033.aspx

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På den jag nu testade på (HP), skall man hålla ned Fn och trycka på NumLock. Sedan skall man hålla ned Alt och använda de tangenter som har blå siffror. En aning virrigt (p.g.a. deras placering), men det fungerar.

Funkade kanon tack för tipset

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Hittade detta på http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=1006041805137

"Go into start/all programs/accessories/system tools/character map you will see all the characters the particular font you are using will display, you can also copy and paste from here! Good luck and God bless!"

På svenska: Start > Alla program > Tillbehör > Systemverktyg > Teckenuppsättning


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