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upgrade of win 7


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Weve learned that with Windows 7, users will be able to easily upgrade to a higher tier easily. In fact, all versions of Windows 7 will ship on the same disc, with only the product key instructing the installer which version the user is licensed to use.

That means that, unlike with Windows Vista, users of Windows 7 wont need to obtain any special upgrade discs to enable the process its all handled by a product key.

We asked Microsofts Sr. PR manager for Windows Clients, Ben Rudolph, to tell us about the Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade process.

With Windows 7 WAU, there are two processes by which a customer can upgrade from one edition of Windows 7 to a higher edition of Windows 7, Rudolph said.

The first method is online purchase and upgrade:

* Consumers will use the WAU Tool to go online, shop, learn and purchase a product key for the upgrade.

* This key will be delivered automatically to the customer's machine via the Internet

* Once the key is received, the WAU Tool will initiate the upgrade process (EULA acceptance, feature unlock, etc.)

The second method is to purchase an upgrade package at retail. Thats right, consumers will be able to walk into a retailer and purchase an Anytime Upgrade for Windows 7 right off the shelf.

* Consumers will have the opportunity to purchase a Media-Less Key (MLK) at Retail.

* When they return to their PC, the customer will use the same WAU Tool to manually enter the Product Key printed on the MLK.

* Once the key is entered, the WAU Tool will initiate the upgrade process (EULA acceptance, feature unlock, etc.)

Offering the Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade as retail product makes sense for those users who wish to purchase a higher tier of Windows with their new PC without worrying about any additional purchases (all the while collecting points at a stores loyalty program or redeeming gift cards). Offering in stores will also allow those without credit cards to upgrade.

Source : neowin.net

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