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windows live essentials

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I downloaded the microsoft essentials, ie.. with msn,windows live, messenger, etc.

Since downloading, I am unable to login to messenger and windows mail due to not being able

to retrieve passwords. When I try, a message states that thier is a fault.

can anyone direct me as i am also unable to create a free msn hotmail through this continuous problem


;) 23 skidoo

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Hi Skidoo!

Sorry to hear about your issues..This message or error message you receive from your computer, does it say something special when trying login?

Regarding passwords and everything in this matter, has there been made an (live id) account yet?..

It's a bit of necessary in make these things to work properly and I'd suggest doing it at LiveHotmails website if have'nt done it.

Imaging it's easiest creating one new id by sign up and register a new account at LiveHotmail for this case.

Afterwords you useing the same username and your password in specific software for instance MSN or Live Messenger.

Just follow the link on the left pane to sign up and register at LiveHotmail.


Hope you'll be able to get these pages in English orelse we'll do our best in guiding you around :)

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