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Ett bra och lagom avancerat bildredigeringsprogram för oss som inte "måste" använda Photoshop. Det här programmet ligger någonstans mitt emellan Photoshop och dom allra enklaste redigerarna. Utöver en generös samling filter, finns det även ritverktyg m.m. Programmet är stabilt och välgjort, samt finns som både installer och portable... än så länge är dock språkvalen begränsade till Engelska och Koreanska!


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2010.04.23 Hornil StylePix 1.3.3

New Features

◦Now view mode can be changed with icon view, small icon view and list view in the browser's list view.


◦Improved crop tool: you can resize the crop box using changing the side of it.

◦Now context menu displayed after a item selected when right mouse button clicks in the herichy tree view.

◦Now canvas is automatically scrolled when the selected objects or region selection box is out of canvas.

◦You can copy and paste specific region of shape object or text object.

◦Improved rasterization features more quickly.

Bug Fixes

◦Fixed a bug that the canvas that have no close button after changing the language option.

◦Fixed a bug that arrangement option is not applied in before type on text.

◦Fixed bugs that the stroke of round rectangle is drawn strangely in some specific value such as 1 or 100.

◦Fixed action problems that actions such as movement of object and etc. are not pushed to the action list.

◦Fixed a action bug that the location of the group object is not recovered using undo command after moving the group.

◦Fixed a bug that the wrong region is removed or drawn on text object.

◦Fixed a "Duplicate Croped Area" bug.

◦Fixed a bug that confirm message is not popped after add a path or text object.

◦Fixed a text bug that the bottom of text was not drawn.

◦Fixed option tools problem with shape tool.

◦Fixed a error occured while exiting the StylePix on the system has attached scanner.

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