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foobar2000 1.3.7 :)

  • Fixed FLAC seeking regression from the previous version.
  • Added support for MP4 DASH files.
  • Fixed PPHS resampler crash on extreme sample rates.
  • Fixed missing WavPack mime type handler.
  • Improved DirectSound output behaviors with low-latency configurations (mainly for new ABX Comparator).
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  • 2 months later...

foobar2000 1.3.8 :)

  • Made playback over HTTP automatically retry dropped connections.
  • New ReplayGain playback mode picking album/track gain depending on current playback order.
  • Improved handling of malformed AIFF files.
  • Prevented “Open” etc dialog lockup when last used folder is on a nonworking net share referenced by raw IP.
  • FFmpeg updated to 2.6.1
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  • 7 months later...

foobar2000 1.3.9  :)

  • New high-quality but slow resampler based on dBpoweramp/SSRC code, as an alternative to fb2k’s PPHS resampler.
  • Prevented clobbering of certain exotic M4A tags.
  • Smooth scrolling in Default User Interface list controls.
    • Beta 2: made smooth scrolling disabled by default as it stalls visualisation updates. You can enable it in advanced preferences.
  • Added missing menu command for the new ReplayGain playback mode.
  • Added oversampled peak scanning in ReplayGain scanner.
    • Beta 2: Added tweaks for ReplayGain peak results display, in advanced preferences.
  • Fixed 96 kHz AAC & ALAC playback.
  • Added whitelist of HTTPS domains to suppress certificate validity checks on, for home media streaming uses [beta 3].
  • Added readable error messages about “Add location” failures [beta 3].
  • Improved detection of total duration of Constant Bit Rate (CBR) MP3 files [beta 4].
  • More robust recovery from network errors when playing MP3 & AAC internet radio streams [beta 5].
  • Removed “LegacyDisable” key in file type associations handling as it's been known to cause problems with modern Windows versions [beta 5].


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  • 4 months later...

foobar2000 1.3.10 :)

  • Fixed writing of empty ID3v2 tags when attempting to remove all attached pictures from files that do not have an ID3v2 tag yet.
  • Added handling of M4A tag “Conductor” metadata value.
  • Fixed crash on too long URLs.
  • Updated Opus decoder to 1.1.1
  • Fixed reading of iTunes “compilation” flag from ID3v2.2 tags as written by default by iTunes.
  • Improved handling of malformed AIFF files.
  • Updated FFmpeg to 3.0
  • Added support for raw AAC files with ID3v2 tags. Note that use of raw AAC format is discouraged, please use MP4/M4A instead.
  • “Add Folder” now accepts multiple selected folders if running Windows Vista or newer.
  • Worked around spurious context menu items in Windows Explorer.
  • Reverted all shell integration fixes from 1.3.9 and 1.3.10 beta 1. They broke more than they fixed while attempting to work-around an obvious bug in Windows 10.
  • Added an advanced preferences option to override FFmpeg -strict level to allow standard-compliant 7.1 AAC decoding.
  • Added an advanced preferences option to disable media key event processing.
  • Corrected crashing on certain malformed RAR files.



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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 4 months later...

foobar2000 1.3.11 :)

  • Fixed dBpoweramp/SSRC resampler glitching in extreme upsampling cases.
  • Fixed misbehavior of FFmpeg -strict level override option.
  • Writing of SoundCheck tags [experimental] as well as batch copying ReplayGain to SoundCheck.
  • Fixed “Remove tags” not removing every possible tag type with FLAC and M4A formats.
  • Fixed Properties dialog locking up on certain metadata.
  • Made cuesheet & chapter edit operations automatically update affected playlists.
  • Fixed Ctrl+A in various multiline editboxes, Properties dialog and its sub-dialogs in particular.
  • Improved compatibility with certain malformed M4A files.
  • Fixed Equalizer bug causing inconsistent file lengths when batch converting.
  • Made internet radio streams disconnect/reconnect on pause/unpause.
  • Implemented updated Opus ReplayGain specification.
  • Improved properties dialog info display of Opus files.
  • Fixed a random crash regression from 1.3.10.
  • Fixed reading of Apple gapless information from specific old M4A files.
  • Fixed a rare lockup when batch moving/renaming/copying a lot of files.
  • Updated FFmpeg to 3.1.2.
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  • 4 weeks later...

foobar2000 1.3.12 :)

  • Corrected various 1.3.11 pause regressions.
  • Corrected “remove tags” on MP4/M4A files incorrectly showing that the file still has some metadata immediately after the removal.
  • Flat equalizer now produces bit identical stream.
  • Prevented clobbering of iTunes “Encoding Params” tag on MP4/M4A tag update.
  • Now using WavPack5 decoder with support for files larger than 4 gigabytes.
  • Updated ZIP archive reader now supports ZIP files larger than 4 gigabytes.
  • Added support for Matroska/ALAC files.
  • Fixed multichannel ALAC channel order bugs.
  • Fixed multichannel WavPack in Matroska.
  • Improved handling of various malformed files (Matroska, AAC).
  • Made files with extreme sample rates (>200KHz) playable through standard DirectSound output, resampler activated automatically if needed.
  • FLAC “Remove tags” no longer erases the “tool” field.
  • Reverted 1.3.11 FLAC tag updater tweaks. Removal of padding will be added as a separate feature later.
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  • 3 months later...

Två på en gång… :)


  • Fixed bugs with conversion to multitrack (chained streams) Opus.
  • Fixed a glitch in plaintext library/playlist search query handling.
  • Various cosmetic fixes for high DPI screens.
  • File Operations component updated: smarter file delete feature, with options in advanced settings.
  • Updated WavPack library (5.0 stable)
  • Updated FFmpeg library (3.2.2)


  • Corrected 1.3.12 regression causing certain DSP configurations to crash.
  • New utility commands to optimize file layout & minimize file size.
  • Improved compatibility with certain internet radio stations.
  • Updated FFmpeg to 3.1.4.
  • M4A file format compatibility fixes.
  • Enabled WavPack 5 DSD decoding.
  • Fixed a bug in Converter causing conversion to a root folder of a drive to occasionally fail.
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  • 3 months later...

foobar2000 1.3.15 :)

  • Improved compatibility with certain internet radio stations.
  • Tag manipulation improvements.
    • When editing tags of iTunes-encoded M4A files, excess padding (often as much as 32 kilobytes) will be removed.
    • Better handling of WMA “rating” field.
  • Default UI album art viewer now less likely to make app unresponsive when attempting to load pictures from a lagging network share.
  • Embedded album art loading performance tweaks.
  • Updated FLAC library (1.3.2)
  • Updated zlib (1.2.11)
  • Updated FFmpeg (3.2.4)
  • Unicode filenames within ZIP files now work correctly.
  • Added “skip all” button to Converter overwrite prompt dialog.
  • Fixed resampler configuration sample rate pickers not allowing more than five digits.
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  • 2 months later...
  • 1 month later...

foobar2000 1.3.16 :)

  • Fixed horrible, horrible bug with inverted checkmarks in advanced preferences at 150% text size.
  • Network streaming: added handlers for more HTTP redirect codes.
  • Fixed foobar2000 process not setting its working directory to its installation location on startup.
  • FLAC tagging fixes.
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  • 3 months later...

foobar2000 1.3.17

  • Fixed horrible, horrible bug with Ctrl+A “select all” handler in edit boxes stealing altgr+a making it impossible to type “ą”.
  • Made possible to retag MP4/M4A files without 'ftyp' header.
  • Prevented decoding of broken MP3 frames that overlap with apparent file tags.
  • Allowed decoding of WAV files with sample rates above 1MHz.
  • Converter: Made format list sorting remembered.
  • Fixed tags not being read from certain WAV files.
  • Internal fixes to allow foo_input_exe/foo_input_ffmpeg decoding of HLS & RTMP streams.
  • Added internal IMA ADPCM decoder for specific WAV files that system codec refuses to process.
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  • 4 months later...

Ja det stämmer bra det att den finns i Microsoft Store sökte på den och den finns där. Jag håller mig till PC versionen som funkar likabra har foobar2000 i min Windows Phone


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  • 2 months later...

This is a maintenance update, contains only bug fixes backported from 1.4 series.

  • Made possible to load our own M3U8 files again. Sigh.
  • Worked around certain Ogg files playing incorrectly.

This is a maintenance update, contains only bug fixes backported from 1.4 series.

  • Fixed a bug in HTTPS reader causing incompatibility with Google websites.
  • Relaxed beta version timeout, now possible to dismiss the message and launch without updating.
  • Fixed a bug in CD drive configuration dialog – automatic drive offset lookup works again.
  • Fixed various bugs related to audio device hotplugging.
  • Fixed wrong descriptions of certain context menu commands.
  • Fixed wrong handling of certain types of MP4 chapter tags.
  • Improved safeguards against Media Library configuration loss if foobar2000 dies while saving its settings.
  • Media Library now handles very long filenames correctly.
  • Fixed inconsistent mapping of “Content Group” metadata field for: WMA, MP4/M4A, Vorbis Comments.
  • Fixed Skip Silence DSP bugs.
  • Made MP2 audio in MP4/Matroska container reported correctly. It was reported as MP3 in some cases before.
  • Made possible to load M3U8 files without UTF-8 BOM (iTunes)
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  • 1 month later...

Foobar2000 1.4 B)

  • Added preferences page to adjust priority order of installed decoders.
  • Greatly improved DSP manager dialog.
  • Default User Interface improvements:
    • New toolbar items for switching output modes, ReplayGain modes and DSP presets.
    • Improved status bar: added optional display of selected track count.
    • Reworked Preferences pages; improved options for minimize & close behaviors.
  • Converter improvements:
    • Keeping incomplete/problematic output files is now optional; they’re deleted by default.
    • New and improved overwrite prompt dialog.
    • FDK AAC is now among the default presets.
  • ReplayGain scanner improvements:
    • Greatly improved “Apply Gain to File Content” feature, with multi threading and more supported formats.
    • Added command to manually manipulate Opus header gain field for both .opus and Matroska.
    • New Preferences pages.
  • Playlist & Media Library search use a new text-matching algorithm similar to Unicode Asymmetric Search.
  • Cosmetic tweaks; prettier buttons attached to editboxes in various dialogs.
  • Cleaned up Opus header gain manipulation, reported value no longer offseted by 5 dB, made header gain respected when embedded in Matroska container.
  • Amended Matroska tagging, certain rare files that would fail to update before are now taggable.
  • Matroska support improvements, improved seeking performance on files without seektables.
  • Made possible to choose between alternate audio streams in MP4 and Matroska files.
  • Implemented WebM internet stream playback.
  • Compiled using dynamic VC runtime, raising the limit of how many component DLLs can be loaded.
  • Made Album List remember expanded nodes.
  • Raised track count limit for cue sheets from 99 to 999.
  • Integration with Windows 10 Universal Volume Control.
  • Playback controls in taskbar on Windows 7 and newer.
  • Configuration saving now uses transacted NTFS if available.
  • Changed the way playlists and media library data are stored to minimize the amount of rewriting on each app shutdown.
  • Merged networking features from foobar2000 mobile:
    • FTP/FTPES/FTPS reader!
    • Refreshed HTTP/HTTPS reader; added the ability to read remote folder listings.
  • Improved handling of various file formats over HTTP, AIFF and Musepack in particular.
  • More robust M3U/M3U8/PLS playlist handling; shows a warning when trying to save a M3U/PLS file that may not be readable correctly due to international characters.
  • New file format icons.
  • Improved media library search performance.
  • Made various playlist and search result sorting operations use multiple CPU cores.
  • All communication with foobar2000 website (troubleshooter, crash reporting, update checks) is now encrypted.
  • Refreshed File Operations preset management, now stored in a plain text files instead and possible to import/export/edit.
  • Work around for DirectSound audio stutters with Windows 10 1803 (beta 19).
  • Fix implemented for splitter lock bug.
  • Workaround implemented for HTTPS issues on Windows XP.
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  • 2 months later...
  • 4 weeks later...

foobar2000 1.4.1 B)

  • Worked around the disappearing window bug of Windows 10 1809.
  • Converter updates:
    • Advanced-preferences option to encode to temp folder and move encoded-and-tagged files to the intended destination.
    • “Don’t reset DSP between tracks” now respects DSP-reported latency for proper handling of gapless albums.
    • Made Converter “copy other files” feature respect parent folder (..\pattern) references.
  • Better error message when trying to open M4A file renamed to .aac.
  • Added %video_codec% info for Matroska and MP4 files.
  • Added support for PCM audio in MP4 container.
  • Made mouse wheel work in playlist view during a drag&drop operation.
  • Improved handling of classical music metadata for iTunes M4A files.
  • Added %bitspersample_extra% info to tell between int32/float32 PCM files.
  • Added support for ID3v2 iTunes Grouping field.
  • Made tag update operations not fail when another application has the file open for reading.
  • Corrected wrong bitrate shown for FLAC in Matroska container.
  • Corrected labels for F13-F24 keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed bugs with ReplayGain Scanner’s automatic resampling of high sample rate content.
  • Bumped maximum allowed sample rate to deal with DSD1024 content.
  • Made Media Library respect ‘include hidden files & folders’ setting in Advanced Preferences.
  • PPHS resampler bug fixes (inaccurate reported latency, crashing with extreme sample rates).
  • Fixed ReplayGain scan results showing zero peaks on near-silent 24-bit files.
  • New and improved buffering scheme for improved network streaming performance (ported from foobar2000 mobile).
  • Internet radio handling regressions from 1.4 fixed; added an Advanced Preferences setting for ShoutCast metadata codepage.
  • Fixed component auto update on Windows XP (1.4 regression).
  • Added an Advanced Preferences option to toggle asymmetric search, reverting search behaviors to 1.3 style.
  • Added title formatting fields for showing track/album peaks as decibel values.
  • Improved status feedback from batch attach album art tool.
  • Pressing “next” past the end of playlist now restarts the playlist even without “repeat” mode.
  • Added EXTM3U info writing (enabled via advanced preferences).
  • Added 5.1 and 7.1 upmix DSPs.
  • Deleting the currently playing files no longer shows error popups (1.4 regression).
  • Fixed repaint glitches in media library search edit box.
  • Updated Opus decoder to latest libopus 1.3.
  • Fixed a bug causing poor Default UI playlist performance with tens of thousands of item.
  • Fixed incompatibility with certain HTTP servers causing music files to fail to play from those servers.
  • Internet radio regression fixes.
  • Made DSP presets in the toolbar sorted.
  • Made technical info properly shown for various Ogg based internet radios (Vorbis, Opus, FLAC).
  • Fixed 1.4 regression causing incorrect detection of Internet Explorer proxy server settings.
  • Fixed 1.4 regression causing some tag updates to fail with ‘access denied’ when another app is accessing the files.
  • Fixed various 175% text size rendering glitches.
  • Fixed odd behaviors while installing regular foobar2000 alongside MS Store foobar2000.
  • Fixed ReplayGain scanner preferences page glitches.
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  • 2 months later...

foobar2000 1.4.2 B)

  • Added new iTunes ID3 classical fields.
  • Improved playlist behaviors when deleting the now playing file.
  • ReplayGain apply-gain-and-prevent-clipping no longer presumes 1.0 peak when peak is unknown.
  • Fixed occasional errors when saving configuration.
  • Converter: Improved behavior when output file names repeat.
  • Fixed HTTP client bugs (internet radio, network shares).
  • Made MP4 files with missing duration info playable.
  • Windows 10 Universal Volume Control integration disabled by default due to bugs. This should address “multimedia keys don't work” issues.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause spurious rewrites of certain configuration files [beta 2].
  • Made default MP4 handler gracefully fail to decode files with no supported audio tracks - so another decoder lower on the list can handle them [beta 2].
  • Worked around an “Open…” dialog lockup with lots and lots of supported file formats provided by third party components [final].
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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...

foobar2000 1.4.4

  • Fixed drag&drop glitches on Windows 10 with multiple monitors having different pixel densities.
    • Regardless, this is still a bug in Windows 10, not in foobar2000.
  • Fixed Default UI preferences groups & columns drag&drop glitches.
  • Fixed incorrect formatting of written EXTM3U playlists.
  • Fixed incorrect truncation of specific long filenames in File Operations.
  • Fixed unnecessary reopening of remote files being played.
  • Fixed playback marker in playlists not being correctly retained in some conditions.
  • Improved internal IMA ADPCM WAV decoder (fixed rounding errors, fixed incorrect output duration).
  • foobar2000 now refuses to open 24-bit WMA lossless files on Windows 10 – which would otherwise decode incorrectly.
    • You can work around it by feeding WMA files to foo_input_ffmpeg component.
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  • 1 month later...

foobar2000 1.4.5

  • Workaround for WMA tag editing failing on long file paths.
  • Converter: Prefer user specified converter paths over %PATH%.
  • Fixed Resampler DSP crashing on very old PCs due to a VS2017 compiler bug.
  • Various obscure crash bugs have been addressed (Converter, ReplayGain Scanner, Default UI).
  • MS Store: Fixed .FTH file type association; made MS Store mode reported to console on startup.
  • Fixed crashing when exiting foobar2000 while playing an internet radio stream (beta 2).
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  • 3 weeks later...

foobar2000 1.4.6

  • Made Converter never overwrite the source files.
  • Fixed Properties autocomplete vs multiline edit box clash.
  • Fixed earlier 1.4 series regression with writing of ID3v2 COMMENT fields to TXXX frames instead of COMM.
  • Fixed incorrect Converter output with both “don’t reset DSP between tracks” and “copy other files” features in use (beta 2).
foobar2000 1.5 beta
  • New and improved Properties dialog, with the ability to manipulate attached pictures as well as scan and modify ReplayGain values.
  • Greatly improved Selection Properties performance for large track lists.
  • Various prompts (such as delete/recycle) now come with a “do not show this again” checkbox.
  • Restored pre-1.4 behavior of main-window-hidden/notification-icon-only status being remembered after foobar2000 restart.
  • Added logging of Media Library scanning errors – “show errors” button in Media Library Preferences.
  • Added Advanced Preferences option for flushing playback queue on manual track change (default: on).
  • Made “Open containing folder” command work with tracks in archives – opens folder containing the archive.
  • Added an option to preserve last-modified timestamps of tracks when updating tags.
  • Additional safeguards against corrupted configuration in case of a system crash while saving (FlushFileBuffers).
  • File Operations: delete/recycle prompt always says “Delete” rather than “Recycle”, since not every volume supports recycle action.
  • FFmpeg 3.4.6, now compiled with MS compiler, binary size reduced due to DLL runtime.
  • Implemented reading of cue+bin audio CD images.
  • Implemented asynchronous drag&drop, for less stalls when dragging tracks from foobar2000 to another program.
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  • 2 months later...

foobar2000 1.4.7

  • File Operations: Fixed window order bugs with Windows 10 1809 and newer
  • Fixed creation of crash reports from stack overflow crashes.
  • Fixed some Ogg files being unplayable since version 1.4.
  • Changed order of written FLAC metadata blocks to work around bugs in Windows Explorer.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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