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Två pip vid start av dator


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Jag har moderkortet MSI 865PE Neo2-FIS2R (MS-6728 v.1) . Det har integrerad RAID (Promise 20378), som jag aktiverade då jag behövde ansluta tre IDE-diskar. Nu använder jag inte längre tre diskar, och behöver därför inte RAID. Jag har inaktiverat enheten i BIOS, men slipper ändå inte det extra pipet, och den extra fördröjningen vid start av datorn.

Någon som har ett förslag på hur jag kan bli med det lilla irritationsmomentet?

Tack. :)

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Jag kan trycka Ctrl+F (inte Ctrl+I), och får då upp en Promise-meny. (Har tillfälligt anslutit en disk till enheten.) Där har jag tagit bort den enda enhet (array) som fanns. Inaktiverade sedan åter enheten i BIOS. Gjorde ingen skillnad.

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Hade enligt bifogad bild. Nu har jag avinstallerat det, och manuellt tagit bort Fasttx2k.sys (Promise Driver for Windows XP). Två pip

Minns att det var pillrigt att aktivera enheten, och att det inte framgick av manualen hur det skulle gå till. Hittade något på ett forum, men det var då det. ;)


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Får se om det här kan vara till hjälp!

1 kort pip

DRAM refresh failure:

(1) If you've recently added or tried to add additional memory to the computer and have started getting these beeps. Remove all new memory you've added to the computer. If the computer works fine after removing the new memory you're encountering either an incompatibility or defective new memory.

(2) Sometimes when the computer is moved and/or over time a memory stick can become loose causing the computer to be unable to read the memory or get errors as it's reading it. Try fixing this issue by opening the computer removing each of the memory sticks you have in the computer and then placing them back into the computer.

(3) If reseating the memory did not resolve the issue try swapping the location of the memory. If you have only one stick of memory in the computer try moving it to another slot and then boot the computer. If you have more than one stick of memory try removing all but one stick of memory and boot the computer. If this does not resolve the issue try removing that stick of memory and try one of the other sticks of memory.

(4) If you have access to another computer that uses the same type of memory try using its known good memory in your computer. If another computers memory works you know that you have faulty memory. If another computers memory does not work and it is compatible with your computer, unfortunately your motherboard and/or the slots on the motherboard are defective causing it to be unable to properly read the memory, which means the motherboard will have to be replaced.

2 korta pip

Parity circuit failure:

(1) If any new hardware has been recently added to the computer, remove that hardware to make sure it is not the causing the issue. If after removing the new hardware and your computer works, it's likely that the computer is either not compatible with the new hardware device or a system setting needs to be changed to work with the new hardware.

(2) Remove any disks, CD's, DVD's that are in the computer and if any USB devices are connected disconnect all of them. Reboot the computer and see if anything changes.

(3) Make sure all fans are running in the computer. If a fan has failed (especially the heat sink fan for the CPU) your computer could be overheating and/or detecting the fan failure causing the computer not to boot.

(4) If the above recommendations still have not resolved the irregular POST, attempt to disconnect the Riser board (if applicable) and/or each of the expansion cards. If this resolves the issue or allows the computer to POST, connect one card at a time until you determine what card is causing the issue.

(5) Disconnect the IDE, SATA, SCSI, or other data cables of the CD-ROM, hard drive, and floppy drive from the Motherboard. If this resolves your irregular POST or you now get an error message attempt to re-connect each device one at a time to determine which device and/or cable is causing the issue. In some situations it can simply be a loose cable connection.

(6) In some situations a computer may have power related issues often caused by either the power supply and/or the Motherboard. To help determine if this is the cause of your issue try turning the computer on, off, and back on as fast as possible, making sure the computer power light goes on and off each time. In some situations you may be able to temporarily get the computer to boot.

(7) For users who are more comfortable working with the inside of their computer or who have built their computer, one last recommendation before assuming hardware is faulty, is to reseat the CPU by removing it and putting it back into the computer.

If after doing all of the above, you continue to have the same issue, unfortunately it is likely that you have a faulty Motherboard, PSU, CPU, and/or RAM. The next step would be either to replace these components and/or have the computer serviced. If you plan on doing the repairs yourself or you are a repair shop it is suggested that you replace the Motherboard first, RAM, CPU, and then power supply in that order and/or try swappable parts from other computers.

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Ett kort pip efter POST-meddelandet. Skulle det tyda på något fel, eller hur skall de citerade instruktionerna tolkas? Vill minnas att ett pip alltid har hörts, sedan jag fick datorn (begagnad) i december 2006.

Jo det stämmer. Ett startpip skall nog höras om man har en systemhögtalare ansluten. Själv har jag inte hört startpipet på åratal, då jag alltid sliter bort anslutningen till högtalaren... om den finns. :rolleyes:

Det bör väl vara skillnad på normalt startpip och det korta pip som beskrivs i texen. :unsure:

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