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FreeFileSync 7.0 [2015-05-11]

  • Support synchronization with MTP devices (Android, iPhone, tablet, digital camera)
  • Implemented file system abstraction layer
  • New database format supporting generic file ids 
  • Pre-allocate disk space when writing file output stream
  • Late failure when moving multiple items to recycle bin
  • Keep UI responsive while loading/saving database file
  • Improved error reporting indicating failed item when moving to recycle bin
  • Transactional error handling when closing file streams
  • Pass correct thread id when creating Minidump (Windows)
  • Fixed directory icon loading resource leak (Linux)
  • Fixed RealtimeSync message provider exception safety issue (Windows)
  • Avoid locking issues by creating the log file after batch synchronization
  • Fixed RealtimeSync monitoring for items beyond subfolders (Linux)
  • Fall back to file extension during file icon load error
  • Show file icon by extension as temporary placeholder
  • Work around silent failure to copy file times to external drives (Linux)
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FreeFileSync 7.1 [2015-06-06]

  • Avoid various access denied errors when synchronizing with admin rights (Windows)
  • Accept Explorer drag and drop from MTP devices
  • Support showing MTP files with Explorer
  • Support opening MTP files with default application
  • Preselect active MTP folder in folder picker dialog
  • Work around file not found error when copying alternate data streams
  • Fixed access denied error when copying file times (Linux)
  • Work around boost bug causing RealtimeSync to wake PC (Windows)
  • Fixed naming convention “replace” for versioning
  • Skip space pre-allocation if not supported (OS X)
  • Use faster space pre-allocation method (Linux)
  • Transactional error handling when closing file streams
  • Fully initialize system image list for medium and large icons (Windows)
  • Handle XP backwards-compatibility with 32-bit build (Windows 64-bit)
  • Work around hang due to unsupported AVX2 instructions (Vista 64-bit)
  • Fixed invalid argument exception during app launch (OS X)
  • Fixed binary comparison checking for wrong buffer size
  • Fixed GetLogicalProcessorInformation not found startup error (Windows XP SP2)
  • Support IP-based UNC paths with folder selector (Windows)
  • Use standard file permissions for application bundle (OS X)
  • Updated help file and added tips and tricks chapter
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FreeFileSync 7.2 [2015-07-01]

  • Support synchronization with SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
  • Detailed error reporting when checking folder existence
  • Synchronize MTP devices with no modification time support
  • Set focus to comparison button on startup
  • Fixed transactional stream clean up error if target file already existing
  • Fixed incomplete input stream clean up on fadvise failure (Linux)
  • Consider non-native paths for direct comparison after startup
  • Revised algorithm generating folder pair display name
  • Reduced number of file accesses during versioning
  • Stricter language file consistency checking
  • Resolved crash when running Windows 7 on CPUs without SSE2
  • Improved Minidump creation handling stack overflows
  • Revised path formatting to always match native representation
  • Fixed about dialog layout for large font sizes
  • Support Minidump creation for Windows XP
  • Updated translation files
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FreeFileSync 7.3 [2015-08-01]

  • New context menu option to copy selected files to alternate folder (create diffs)
  • Fill a folder pair by dropping two folders at a time from Explorer
  • Added option to set non-standard SFTP port
  • Prevent recursive creation of temporary Recycle Bin directories (Windows)
  • Retrieve grid column label colors from the system
  • Fixed detection of already existing files when moving (Linux)
  • Follow os convention for preferences (OS X)
  • Prevent progress dialog from hiding behind main dialog (OS X)
  • Fixed config saved status not updating when changing certain settings
  • Support for high dpi display settings
  • Fixed crash when help viewer is open during exit (Windows)
  • Show manual deletion progress within comparison status panel
  • Further reduced number of file accesses during versioning
  • Fixed folder picker failing to select Desktop folder (Windows)
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FreeFileSync 7.4 [2015-09-01]

  • Switch between all folder pair configurations directly in the sync config dialog
  • Support macros, path by volume name for config files on command line
  • Support slash as path separator on command line (Windows)
  • Allow slash as path separator in filter dialog (Windows)
  • Discard SFTP connection after 20 seconds of idle time
  • Fixed file already existing error when changing file name case (OS X)
  • New keyboard shortcuts to open external applications
  • Fixed clipboard being cleared when opening sync config dialog (OS X)
  • Workaround wxWidgets bug breaking copy/paste shortcuts (OS X)
  • Fixed disabled button icons not being updated in the config dialog
  • Fixed launcher error messages not being shown (Windows XP)
  • Fixed launcher showing incorrect error about missing service pack (Windows XP)
  • Revised help file and consolidated into online help
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FreeFileSync 7.5 [2015-10-01]

  • Detect moved files on source even for targets with no (SFTP) or unstable (FAT) file id support
  • Improved performance for detection of moved files by over 50%
  • Added folder picker to select SFTP paths
  • Support additional SFTP ciphers by building upon OpenSSL backend
  • Added 10-seconds time out when SFTP command is hanging indefinitely
  • Work around unexpected SFTP session termination on Synology servers
  • Fixed various libssh2 and OpenSSL memory leaks
  • Fixed FreeFileSync taskbar link reuse (Windows 7)
  • Avoid last error code being overwritten by certain C runtimes before evaluation
  • Run online update check asynchronously (Windows)
  • Check source item existence before cleaning target during versioning (Linux, OS X)
  • Check folder recursion limit to catch stack overflows
  • Doubled potential folder traversal recursion depth (Windows)
  • Consider child elements of excluded folders during database clean up
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FreeFileSync 7.6 [2015-11-01]

  • Create missing synchronization base folders only on demand
  • Improved main grid text search performance by 40%
  • Restore correct main dialog height after restart (Linux)
  • Default to standard main dialog size after unmaximize (Linux)
  • Prevent creation of irregular folder names (Windows)
  • Support MTP devices over WiFi with null modification times
  • Do not apply invalid vertical main dialog positions (OS X)
  • Support Yosemite full screen window mode (OS X)
  • Use buffered lock file I/O (Windows)
  • Correctly setup OpenSSL for multithreaded use
  • Added COM initialization for worker threads (Windows)
  • Forward focus to sync button after comparison
  • Streamlined file system abstraction layer interfaces
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FreeFileSync 8.0 [2016-03-15]

  • Fine-tuned buffer sizes for 70% improved SFTP stream I/O speed 
  • Support incomplete read/write operations while maximizing buffer saturation
  • Automatically check consistency of FreeFileSync installation
  • Fixed crash when using SFTP on CPUs without SSE2 support
  • Improved GUI responsiveness during SFTP I/O
  • Disabled automatic quote substitution for file filter (OS X)
  • Work around invalid parameter error on FAT drives for broken create times
  • Avoid filter mismatches by using precomposed UTF (OS X)
  • Fixed main dialog close button not being disabled during sync (OS X)
  • Don't create AppleDouble files if extended attributes are unsupported (OS X)
  • Set content format metadata when copying to an MTP device
  • Fixed F-keys not working in sync config dialog (Linux)
  • Revert to default button margin values (Linux)
  • Fixed crash when thumbnail loading fails on MTP device
  • Fixed main grids not scrolling in parallel during mouse selection
  • Revert to default scaling for non-dpi-aware apps
  • Integrate FreeFileSync online manual
  • Added Slovak translation 
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