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-Jag har vid ett tillfälle blockerat en person på MSN och

via e-post så det inte skule vara möjligt att kontakta mig!

Nu ångrar jag mig....

Personen som är blockerad kan inte skicka e-mail till

mig nu men MSN fungerar....

HJÄLP!-Vad ska jag göra?


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Hittade detta... jag använder inte msn själv så detta får bli mitt bidrag...

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hey :)

if you deleted that contact you have to re add him/her a gain if you don't remember or your not sure about the right e-mail so you can go to options than privacy than you will find under your block list view click on "view" thank it will show you a list of people who have you in their contact list so fine your friend and right click and it will tell you to add him / her you can unblock her from that blocked user box too and move her to allow list or you can add her than close the options box than you can find her name and right click than click on unblock

if you don't know where to find options .. follow these steps

where it says your nickname and statue (online/away...) click on it and it will show you a list find options and click on it than click on privacy on the side


well if you deleted them, you have to readd them. Once you readd them, right click the contact's name and click "unblock contact"
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