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Libvpx, referensimplementering för VP8 och VP9, har nu släppts i en ny version, 1.8.2.
Rav1e 0.2.0, AV1-kodare skriven i Rust, har släppts, och är åtskilligt snabbare än 0.1.0.

v0.2.0: Yuletide Greetings

  • Faster, overall 40%–70% faster than v0.1.0 depending on the encoding settings.
  • Optional serialization/deserialization of the encoding parameters through the feature serialize
    • Optional cli advanced commands to use it.
  • The builds are now using the dwarf debug format for the targets that support it, before it was a mixture of dwarf and stabs due to the nasm defaults.
  • Added a --benchmark hidden flag for the cli for MacOS and Linux.
  • documentation is now available on
  • Segmentation support is now a tunable SpeedSetting and currently it is default off since it can produce desyncs, this does cause a 3% decrease in quality.
  • #1903 - edge-of-frame miscomputation
  • #1858 - desync on speed 0 and 1 when certain quantizers are selected
Known issues
  • #1930 - segmentation encoding may cause desync
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AV1-avkodaren Dav1d 0.6.0 ‘Gyrfalcon’:

0.6.0 is a major release for dav1d:

  • New ARM64 optimizations for the 10/12bit depth:
    • mc_avg, mc_w_avg, mc_mask
    • mc_put/mc_prep 8tap/bilin
    • mc_warp_8x8
    • wiener
    • cdef
  • New AVX-512 optimizations for prep_bilin, prep_8tap, cdef_filter
  • New SSSE3 optimizations for film grain
  • New AVX2 optimizations for msac_adapt16
  • Fix rare mismatches against the reference decoder, notably because of clipping
  • Improvements on ARM64 on msac, cdef optimizations
  • Improvements in the C version for itxfm, cdef_filter ... aster/NEWS


AV1-kodaren Rav1e 0.3.0 har släppts med följande ändringar:


  • Faster and better Speed 10
  • Smaller binaries (Around 3MB stripped on x86_64/Linux)
  • Faster build times (About 14% faster build time)
  • Multi-threaded deblocking filter
  • Additional x86_64 SIMD code
  • More auto-vectorizable codepaths and bounds check elisions
  • ⅙ less memory allocations
  • Improvements on the intra-modes pruning logic in the RDO
  • More float to fixed-point conversions
  • Make an early-exit condition in RDO faster
  • Simplify logic in Counter/Recorder store method
  • Support wasm32-wasi as build target
  • 1–2% overall quality improvement (at speed level 2)

New tools

  • Intra edge filter
  • Switch frame support (use -S, --switch-frame-interval <SWITCH_FRAME_INTERVAL> to enable it from the CLI)
  • Fine directional intra prediction
  • Still Picture support with reduced still picture header (AVIF)


  • Upstream nasm-rs 0.1.7 can be used to build rav1e.
  • The C header produced is now C++-compatible


  • #1930
  • #2055


Netflix Now Streaming AV1 on Android (Netflix Technology Blog)
Today we are excited to announce that Netflix has started streaming AV1 to our Android mobile app. AV1 [libaom] is a high performance, royalty-free video codec that provides 20% improved compression efficiency over our VP9 [libvpx] encodes.
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LibAOM 2.0 är på gång. RC1 har släppts: ... v2.0.0-rc1

Släppts har också SVT-VP9 0.2.0:

  • Fix ffmpeg plugin “Too many invisible frames” issue for mkv/webm/mp4/dash.
  • Fix video corruption for non-multiple-of-8 gop size.
  • Remove -irefresh-type option. ... tag/v0.2.0

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Dav1d 0.7.0 ”Frigatebird” har släppts.

Changes for 0.7.0 ‘Frigatebird’:
0.7.0 is a major release for dav1d:

  • Faster refmv implementation gaining up to 12% speed while –25% of RAM (Single Thread)
  • 10b/12b ARM64 optimizations are mostly complete:
    • ipred (paeth, smooth, dc, pal, filter, cfl)
    • itxfm (only 10b)
  • AVX2/SSSE3 for non-4:2:0 film grain and for mc.resize
  • AVX2 for cfl4:4:4
  • AVX-512 CDEF filter
  • ARM64 8b improvements for cfl_ac and itxfm
  • ARM64 implementation for emu_edge in 8b/10b/12b
  • ARM32 implementation for emu_edge in 8b
  • Improvements on the dav1dplay utility player to support 10 bit, non-4:2:0 pixel formats and film grain on the GPU ... aster/NEWS

Jean-Baptiste Kempf: dav1d 0.7.0: mobile focus

Edited by JoWa
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On 2020-05-19 at 20:12, JoWa sade:

I dag, på WebMs tioårsdag, släpptes libaom v2.0.0 Applejack, en större uppdatering av AV1-referensimplementeringen LibAOM.

Mer om förbättringarna i 2.0.0:!msg/codec-devel/NOTn-LlKYzw/wqCf0oKnBwAJ

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libvpx v1.9.0 Quacking Duck Released

What’s new:

This release adds support for NV12, a separate library for rate control, as well as incremental improvements.

  • Upgrading:
    • NV12 support is added to this release.
    • A new interface is added for VP9 rate control. The new library libvp9rc.a must be linked by applications.
    • Googletest is updated to v1.10.0.
    • is compiled into a new library libsimple_encode.a with CONFIG_RATE_CTRL.
  • Enhancement:
    • Various changes to improve VP9 SVC, rate control, quality and speed to real time encoding.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix key frame update refresh simulcast flexible svc.
    • Fix to disable_16x16part speed feature for real time encoding.
    • Fix some signed integer overflows for VP9 rate control.
    • Fix initialization of delta_q_uv.
    • Fix condition in regulate_q for cyclic refresh.
    • Various fixes to dynamic resizing for VP9 SVC. ... ags/v1.9.0

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SVT-AV1 v0.8.5
[0.8.5] - 2020-09-04

Relicensing notice

  • Change the outbound license from BSD+Patent to the AOM license / patent
  • Added tpl support to adaptively change lambda and quantization parameters within the frame
  • Added multi staged hme support
  • Quality speed trade-offs tuned to VOD use cases
  • Added first level non-optimized support for 2pass VBR and CRF
  • Added combined cli two pass support with options for stats being written to a memory buffer and a specified file
  • Added non square partitioning optimizations
  • Improved lambda generation
Build and Testing
  • Bug fixes
  • Improve CI
  • Improve Unit Test Coverage
  • Address C vs asm mismatches
  • Fix static analysis warnings / errors
  • Add address sanitizer
  • Fix symbol conflicts with libaom and libvpx when staticly lined to ffmpeg ... tag/v0.8.5
Rav1e 0.4.0-alpha
This is a new big release of rav1e after 7 months making the encoder sensibly faster and better.
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Dav1d 0.8.0 “Eurasian hobby”:

0.8.0 is a major update for dav1d:

  • Improve the performance by using a picture buffer pool; The improvements can reach 10% on some cases on Windows.
  • Support for Apple ARM Silicon
  • ARM32 optimizations for 8bit bitdepth for ipred paeth, smooth, cfl
  • ARM32 optimizations for 10/12/16bit bitdepth for mc_avg/mask/w_avg, put/prep 8tap/bilin, wiener and CDEF filters
  • ARM64 optimizations for cfl_ac 444 for all bitdepths
  • x86 optimizations for MC 8-tap, mc_scaled in AVX2
  • x86 optimizations for CDEF in SSE and {put/prep}_{8tap/bilin} in SSSE3 ... aster/NEWS

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SVT-AV1 v0.8.6
[0.8.6] - 2020-11-28


  • Further quality-speed tradeoffs tuning for VOD use cases
  • Improved TPL support within 1-pass and 2-pass CRF moode
  • Continued non-optimized support for 2pass VBR and CRF
  • Align kernel nomenclature to prefix svt_aom for kernels brough from libaom to avoid symbol conflicts
Build and Testing
  • Bug fixes
  • Improve CI
  • Added CI support for gitlab
  • Improve Unit Test Coverage
  • Address C vs asm mismatches
  • Fix static analysis warnings / errors
  • Add address sanitizer
  • Fix symbol conflicts with libaom and libvpx when staticly linked to ffmpeg
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Rav1e 0.5.0-alpha

Dav1d 0.8.2 ‘Eurasian hobby’:

0.8.2 is a middle-size update of the 0.8.0 branch:

  • ARM32 optimizations for ipred in 10/12bits, completing most of the 10b/12b work on ARM
  • Give the post-filters their own threads
  • ARM64: rewrite the wiener functions
  • Speed up coefficient decoding, 0.5%–3% global decoding gain
  • x86: rewrite the SGR AVX2 asm
  • x86: improve msac speed on SSE2+ machines
  • ARM32: improve speed of ipred and warp
  • ARM64: improve speed of ipred, cdef_dir, cdef_filter, warp_motion and itx16
  • ARM32/64: improve speed of looprestoration
  • Add seeking, pausing to the player
  • Update the player for rendering of 10b/12b
  • Misc speed improvements and fixes on all platforms
  • Add a xxh3 muxer in the dav1d application ... aster/NEWS


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  • 1 month later...

SVT-AV1 0.8.7 (2021-05-08)


  • Feature optimizations: creating new mode decision / encode-decode feature levels allowing better speed / quality trade-off granularity
  • Preset repositioning after adopting new levels
  • Preset 8 achieving similar speed levels to that of x265 medium in the VOD (shot-based encoding) use-case while maintaining quality gains
  • New 1-pass and 2-pass VBR implementation ported from libaom and adapted to the SVT architecture – still a WIP
  • Cleaned up old VBR and CVBR RC code along with the lookahead mechanism associated with them
  • Improvements for TPL algorithm to handle long clips and easy content
  • Added HDR support and color primaries SEI signaling (off by default until integrated with ffmpeg)
  • Memory optimizations, cleaning up data structures to reduce memory usage up to 2× memory reduction in multi-threaded VBR environment
  • Additional AVX2 and AVX512 optimizations
  • Cleaned up unused command line parameters except the config params that are linked to ffmpeg
  • Update user guide and documentation

Libaom, SVT-AV1 Mark New Open-Source AV1 Encoder Releases This Week (Phoronix)

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Dav1d 0.9.0 ‘Golden Eagle’:

0.9.0 is a major version of dav1d, adding notably 10b acceleration on x64.


  • x86 (64bit) AVX2 implementation of most 10b/12b functions, which should provide a large boost for high-bitdepth decoding on modern x86 computers and servers.
  • ARM64 neon implementation of FilmGrain (4:2:0/4:2:2/4:4:4 8bit)
  • New API to signal events happening during the decoding process ... aster/NEWS


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Dav1d 0.9.1 ‘Golden Eagle’:

0.9.1 is a middle-size revision of dav1d, adding notably 10b acceleration for SSSE3:

  • 10/12b SSSE3 optimizations for mc (avg, w_avg, mask, w_mask, emu_edge), prep/put_bilin, prep/put_8tap, ipred (dc/h/v, paeth, smooth, pal, filter), wiener, sgr (10b), warp8x8, deblock, film_grain, cfl_ac/pred for 32bit and 64bit x86 processors
  • Film grain NEON for fguv 10/12b, fgy/fguv 8b and fgy/fguv 10/12 arm32
  • Fixes for filmgrain on ARM
  • itx 4x4 for SSE4
  • Misc improvements on SSE2, SSE4

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  • 4 weeks later...

Dav1d 0.9.2 ‘Golden Eagle’:

0.9.2 is a small update of dav1d on the 0.9.x branch:

  • x86: SSE4 optimizations of inverse transforms for 10bit for all sizes
  • x86: mc.resize optimizations with AVX2/SSSE3 for 10/12b
  • x86: SSSE3 optimizations for cdef_filter in 10/12b and mc_w_mask_422/444 in 8b
  • ARM NEON optimizations for FilmGrain Gen_grain functions
  • Optimizations for splat_mv in SSE2/AVX2 and NEON
  • x86: SGR improvements for SSSE3 CPUs
  • x86: AVX2 optimizations for cfl_ac

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