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MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.4


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Version 1.8.1 ute.

Förändringar för Android baserade telefoner:


WiFi-Connection can be protected with a optional PIN-Code

Possibility to enter the IP-Address manually to overide network problems

Access to Contact-Groups

Contact-accounts and calendars are displayed

Download installed apps throught Backup-wizzard

Fixed many bugs


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Programmet uppdaterat till version 1.8.2


Förändringar för Android-based phones:

  • Tasks and Notes including Sync (you'll get seperate Apps on the phone)
  • full remote control your phone throught USB-Connection (ROOT not required!)
  • Textinput: Allows to use your PC-Keyboard for typing text on your phone, works also throught Bluetooth and WiFi
  • supporting now all telephone-number types, its possible to use now also formatting-characters
  • new fields for contacts (IM and anniversary)
  • compatibility with Thunderbird 7
  • new main icon
  • call-duration is shown in call-lists
  • contactaccount-filter in the sidebar
  • calendar-GUI slighly polished
  • MyPhoneExplorer Client will be launched automatically on Bluetooth-connection, for WiFi the client is also able to launch automatically (optional)
  • sidebar gadget does work now also on 64bit environment
  • some other smaller changes, many bugfixes

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