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    • By JoWa
      GIMP 2.10.0 har släppts, sex år efter 2.8.0.
      GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) är ett avancerat bildbehandlingsprogram med öppen källkod.
      I 2.10.0 finns mycket nytt och förbättrat.
      GIMP 2.10.0 Released GIMP 2.10 Release Notes Installationsprogrammet för Windows innehåller både 64- och 32-bit.
    • By e-son
      FastStone Image Viewer
      Eftersom den befintliga tråden om detta eminenta program inte längre går att uppdatera, får man helt enkelt starta en ny...
      Det är långt mellan detta programs uppgraderingar, men nu har alltså version 4.7 släppts. Notera särskilt att  programmet nu stöder pekgränsnittet.
       Version 4.7 (January 28, 2013)
      Added Touch Interface (tap, swipe, pinch) support throughout the application Added a new mouse gesture to move between images: Click at the bottom part of the preview window to switch to the next/preview image Improved the Copy/Move dialog. Now it shows an image comparison window and allows you to select Replace, Skip and Rename when handling file name conflicts Added an option to let you manually select which photos to download in the "Download Photos" tool Improved the Print dialog Added a new browser mode (under menu "View"->"Layout"), which provides a bigger image viewing area Added a "Reduce Noise" tool Improved the Straighten/Rotate dialog. Now it is possible to preserve aspect ratio when rotating an image Improved the "Set Wallpaper Anywhere on Desktop" tool with "Drop Shadow" and "Cut" effects Improved the "Text" tool in "Draw Board". Now you can see a preview of fonts in the font name list Improved "Crop Board" by adding "Original Ratio" to the "Paper Ratio" list Improved "Image Comparison" by adding an option to Auto-Fit images to the window Improved folder navigation in Windows Libraries Updated the RAW format library. Added support for SRW, NRW, RWL files. Added an option in the Raw tab of the Settings to enable/disable Raw files Added a new skin called OSX Many other minor improvements and bug fixes