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Resource Hacker by Angus Johnson


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Resource Hacker finns nu tillgänglig med 64bitars stöd och stöd för PNG format

Resource Hacker author Angus Johnson has released an updated version of Resource Hacker which now supports 64-bit files as well as PNG files.

Resource Hacker, one of favorite FREEWARE program to edit EXEs DLL, OCX and SCR files. It incorporates an internal resource script compiler and de-compiler. v3.6 is a major update since 2002 and every Resource Hacker user should tryout this new release. It works on Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7.

Now you can access resources in a 64bit Windows executable (i.e. decompile/recompile) and modify these files too. This new version also displays PNG image resources.

Förbättrad version i ny tappning återfinns i följande länk Resource Hacker v3.6.0 uppdaterad 16 September 2011

Ytterligare Guider & förklaringar - Rekommenderas vidare läsning i någon av Vishal Gupta's artiklar


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