WinRAR v4.10 - 32 & 64bit released


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Ny version släppt WinRAR 4.10

Tillhörande gruppen Arkiveringsprogram, Svensk översättning.

Hanterar format..RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z och 7-Zip


WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format. You can try WinRAR before buy, its trial version is available in downloads.

Changelog...WinRAR - What's new in the latest version

Version 4.10

1. WinRAR can create ZIP archives of practically any size.

2 GB archive size and 65535 file number ZIP limitations of previous

WinRAR versions are not valid anymore.

2. WinRAR can create multivolume ZIP archives, which are also known as

split ZIP files.

ZIP volumes have names like '', 'volname.z01', 'volname.z02'.

Use a volume with ".zip" file extension in all archive processing

operations like starting extraction or opening an archive.

Unlike RAR volumes, ZIP volumes cannot be self-extracting.

WinRAR needs to have access to all ZIP volumes of multivolume file set

at the same time, when creating or unpacking them. So it is impossible

to create or unpack ZIP volumes on removable disks, one volume

per disk. You need to create them all in the same folder.

3. Added the high precision file time support in ZIP archives.

WinRAR can store and extract modification, creation and last access

file time in ZIP archives with 100 nanosecond precision.

You need to set "High precision modification time" option in "Time"

part of archiving dialog to store all 3 times in archive.

Set appropriate "File time" options in "Advanced" part of extraction

dialog to choose times to extract.

4. Added support for Unicode names stored in ZIP extra field data.

Different ZIP tools store Unicode names either in file header

or in ZIP extra field and now WinRAR can correctly process both types

of Unicode names.

5. "Synchronize archive contents" option and -as command line switch are

supported in ZIP format.

6. Modifications of switch -ag behavior:

a) -ag can be used with all RAR and WinRAR commands, not just

with archiving only;

B) 'N' format character behavior differs in archiving and non-archiving

operations. When archiving, it is incremented until the first unused

name is found. In non-archiving operations like extracting it selects

the existing archive preceding the first unused name;

c) 'I' format character allows to specify minutes regardless of presence

and position of 'H' (hours) in format string. It can be used

instead of 'M' (minutes), when you wish to place minutes before hours

or do not need hours at all.

7. By default, WinRAR proposes to update an archive if viewer modified

an opened file or created any new files. New "Ignore modifications for"

option in "Settings/Viewer" dialog allows to disable such behavior.

You can enter one or several file masks separated by spaces here

and WinRAR will not prompt to update an archive if file created

or modified by viewer matches one of these masks.

8. Changes in volume size input field. Now you can select size units

in the drop down list to the right of volume size. Previous way

to define size modifiers, by entering 'k', 'm', etc. character

after the numeric size value, is also supported.

9. Changes in "Predefined sizes" in "Define volume sizes" dialog.

Floppies and ZIP disks are replaced by 5 MB and 100 MB volumes,

added new entries for maximum FAT32 file size and for Blu-ray disks.

10. New "Wipe files if password is set" option in "Options" page of

archiving dialog. If you prefer to always delete encrypted files

securely, you can enable "Wipe files if password is set"

in the default compression profile.

11. New "Wipe temporary files/Encrypted only" option in "Settings/Security".

It allows to use a slower and more secure delete for temporary files

extracted from archives identified by WinRAR as encrypted.

Quick delete is used for all other temporary files.

12. Changes in "Convert archives" command:

a) now it is possible to convert encrypted archives. Previously

"Convert archives" command skipped them.

Though, if you still prefer to skip them, you can do it

by enabling "Skip encrypted archives" option in "Convert archives"

dialog. It might be useful if you wish to run the conversion

command in unattended mode, avoiding password prompts;

B) special "rar2" archive type, which was specific for RAR 1.x

and 2.x archives, is removed. Now "rar" archive type controls

conversion of all versions of RAR archives.

Since the convert command does not need to detect RAR archive

version anymore, the initial search for archives is performed

faster, resulting in shorter delay before displaying

"Convert archives" dialog.

13. New -log[fmt][=name] switch allows to write archive and file names

to log file in archiving command for RAR and ZIP formats and also

in extracting, deleting and listing commands for RAR format.

This switch is especially useful, when you need to further process

an archive created with -ag or -v switches, because -log provides

the archive name generated by WinRAR.

14. New -@[+] switch allows to process all parameters starting from

'@' character either as file names (-@) or as file lists (-@+).

15. "Setup program" SFX options are moved from "General" to "Setup" page

of "Advanced SFX options" dialog. Both "Run after extraction"

and "Run before extraction" are now multiline, so it is possible

to specify several setup programs for same SFX archive.

16. "SetupCode" SFX script command instructs SFX archive to wait

for termination of setup program and return the exit code of

setup program increased by 1000 as the exit code of SFX executable.

GUI equivalent of this command is "Wait and return exit code" option

on "Setup" page of "Advanced SFX options" dialog.

17. SFX does not support "S" (create in the top level of Start Menu)

"Shortcut" command mode anymore. Recent Windows versions do not allow

programs to add items to the top of Start Menu.

18. Volume size in archiving and wizard dialogs can be specified as

a decimal fraction. Decimal mark is defined by Windows regional


-v command line switch also allows decimal fractions.

In command line mode the dot (.) is always used as the decimal mark.

For example, -v1.5g switch means 1.5 gigabytes.

Version 4.01

1. Added support for file sizes stored in binary format in TAR archives.

Some TAR archives use the binary size format instead of octal

for files larger than 8 GB.

2. Bugs fixed:

a) "Repair" command failed to properly reconstruct structure

of RAR archives, which contained at least one file with packed

size exceeding 4 GB.

This bug did not affect the recovery record based repair.

It happened only if recovery record was not found and WinRAR

performed reconstruction of archive structure;

B) even if "Do not extract paths" option in "Advanced" part of

extraction dialog was set as the default, WinRAR still unpacked

file paths if called from Explorer context menu;

c) after entering a wrong password for encrypted ZIP archive,

sometimes WinRAR ignored subsequent attempts to enter a valid


d) "Wizard" command did not allow to create self-extracting

and multivolume archives, when compressing a single folder

or a file without extension;

e) "Import settings from file" command did not restore multiline

comments in WinRAR compression profiles;

f) when converting RAR volumes having name1.name2.part#.rar name format,

"Convert archives" command erroneously removed ".name2" name part.

So resulting archive had name1.rar file name instead of expected


g) RAR could crash when creating a new archive with -agNNN switch

if archive number in generated name was 110 or larger;

h) WinRAR failed to display non-English file names in 7-Zip archives

properly if they used a non-default code page. It was the display

only problem, such names were unpacked correctly.

Version 4.00

1. RAR decompression speed is improved. Depending on data type,

decompression can be up to 30% faster than in previous versions.

Both the general RAR algorithm and most of special RAR multimedia

methods benefit from this improvement. The only module of RAR

algorithm, which is not affected, is "Text compression" method.

2. Changes in ISO support:

a) UDF support is upgraded to UDF 2.50 revision. It makes possible

to unpack most of Blu-ray ISO files;

B) when browsing UDF ISO file, UDF revision number is displayed

after the "UDF" format name in WinRAR address bar

and in archive information dialog;

c) WinRAR sets the folder modification date when unpacking folders

stored in UDF and ISO9660 files.

3. Changes in password dialog:

a) WinRAR uses the same format of password dialog both when archiving

and extracting, so "Show password" option is available also

when extracting;

B) "Organize passwords..." button in password dialog provides

access to password organizer interface, where you can specify

your frequently used passwords. You will be able to access these

saved passwords using the drop down list or autocomplete feature

in password dialog.

It is important to know that saved passwords are not encrypted

and anybody having access to your computer can view them.

Use "Organize passwords" feature only if your computer is

protected from unauthorized access;

c) "Use for all archives" option is available in password dialog

when unpacking several archives at once. You can utilize it

to apply an entered password to all archives.

If you use this option with an empty password, WinRAR will skip

all encrypted archives;

d) Unlike previous versions, the password from default compression

profile is not used for extraction.

If you wish to use the same password for all extracting archives,

press "Organize passwords..." button in the password dialog

and define a new password entry, specifying "*" file mask

in "Select for archives" field.

4. In Windows 7 WinRAR will display the total operation progress

also on WinRAR icon on Windows taskbar. You can disable it using

"Taskbar progress bar" option on "General" page of WinRAR settings.

5. Numerous Unicode support improvements allow to process non-English

file names more smoothly. These improvements include:

a) better Unicode handling in WinRAR in "Rename", "Convert",

"Find" and other commands, in folder tree panel, in password

request dialog and in many other parts of WinRAR interface;

B) correctly displayed Unicode names in WinRAR items in Explorer

context menus;

c) Unicode support in .lng files, making WinRAR localization

possible for Unicode only languages.

6. Changes in -x switch syntax. Now you can specify a wildcard

exclusion mask for folders. Such mask must have the trailing '\'

character, like -x*tmp*\ or -x*\temp\

7. New "Extract relative paths" option in "Advanced" part of extraction

dialog. If you browse some archive subfolder in WinRAR shell

and enable "Extract relative paths" option, the path part up to

and including the current subfolder will be removed from extracted

file paths.

For example, if you are inside of "Backup\MyData" archive folder

and extract "Images" folder, it will be extracted as "Images",

not as "Backup\MyData\Images".

This option is the new default extraction mode, but you can change

the default back to WinRAR 3.x style. Just select "Extract full paths"

and then press "Save settings" in "General" part of extraction dialog.

8. Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows NT are not supported by WinRAR

and WinRAR self-extracting modules anymore. Minimum Windows version

required for WinRAR 4.0 is Windows 2000.

If you need to run WinRAR on older Windows, you can download

previous WinRAR versions from

9. If TAR, TAR.GZ or TAR.BZ2 archive contains symbolic or hard links

and if destination file system is NTFS, WinRAR will create these

links when unpacking such archive. WinRAR will create symbolic links

as symbolic and hard links as hard in Windows Vista and newer

and it will create all links as hard in older Windows.

If destination file system is FAT32 or any other not supporting

file links, WinRAR will skip links when unpacking TAR, TAR.GZ

and TAR.BZ2 archives.

10. Recovery volume processing involves less disk seek operations

resulting in higher performance.

11. You can select Windows 7 library in tree panel in extraction dialog

and WinRAR will use its default save location as the destination path.

12. "Report" command allows to select HTML, Unicode text and usual text

as output format for report file. Unlike previous WinRAR versions,

now WinRAR preservers Unicode characters in reports when using HTML

or Unicode text format. So non-English characters in file names

will be displayed properly in such reports.

13. Message list in GUI SFX archives displays only operation status

and error messages. It does not contain names of all extracted files

anymore. This change improves the speed and reduces memory requirements

for SFX archives containing a large number of files. Also it makes

easier to locate error messages, because they are not hidden among

extracted file names.

14. GUI SFX archives display "Extract" button instead of "Install"

if no "Setup" or "Presetup" commands are present in the archive

comment. If you prefer "Install" button, but do not need to

execute any setup programs, you can add "Setup=<>" command.

15. WinRAR displays the current percent above the operation progress bar

when repairing an archive containing the recovery record

and when processing recovery volumes.

16. WinRAR limits the maximum possible volume size to 4 GB minus 1 byte

when creating RAR volumes on a disk with FAT or FAT32 file system

in volume size autodetecting mode. These file systems do not support

4 GB and larger files.

17. If "Wait if other WinRAR copies are active" option is enabled

and WinRAR waits for another copy, you can press "Continue" button

in command progress window to force WinRAR to stop waiting.

So now "Continue" button allows to override the state of

"Wait if other WinRAR copies are active" option for current operation.

18. WinRAR displays one password request instead of two, when saving

an encrypted file back to RAR or ZIP archive after modifying it

in some external editor. Previous WinRAR versions usually requested

the password twice, both when extracting the original file

and archiving its modified copy. Only RAR archives with encrypted

file names were processed with the single password prompt.

19. New error code 10 ("no files") is added to list of error codes

returned in command line mode by RAR and WinRAR. This new code

can be returned by archive, extract, delete and repair commands.

It means that RAR did not find any files matched the specified

file or archive mask.

20. File name area in file overwrite dialog occupies several lines now.

It makes possible to display much longer names.

21. Now switch -ep3 converts not only disk letters, but also UNC paths.

So \\server\share will be converted to __server\share when archiving

and restored to the original \\server\share when extracting with -ep3.

22. New "Background extraction" option in "Advanced" part of extraction

dialog places WinRAR into background, when extracting files.

You can save its default state with "Save settings" button in "General"

part of extraction dialog, just like for other extraction options.

"Background archiving" option from the default compression profile

does not affect the extraction behavior anymore.

23. "Mode..." button in operation progress window is enabled also

when extracting or testing archives. It provides access to

"Command parameters" dialog, where you can set "Turn PC off when done"

option for extraction and test operations.

Previously this dialog was accessible only when archiving.

24. Bugs fixed:

a) renaming a file in archive could also rename all other files

with the same name in other folders of the same archive;

B) previous versions displayed the wrong total packed size

in "Info" command for multivolume CAB archives;

c) in ZIP archives 'U' (update) and 'F' (fresh) commands could

erroneously update even files not specified in the command line.

It happened only for files in current folder which names matched

files in ZIP archive. This bug was not present in usual 'A' (add)

archiving mode.

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Äldre diskussionstråd WinRAR v3.90

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Misstänker att de flesta som använder WinRAR inte betalar för det, men de ”måste” tydligen ha det. :rolleyes:

Om jag skulle betala för ett av alla de program jag använder, bleve det sannerligen inte ett i denna kategori.

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Ska nog medge att man blev lite besviken efter guiden man tipsade om ang. extrahera filer från Windows installations CD.

Tycker nog Rarlab kunde kosta på sig att försöka bygga in stöd även för formatet WIM så också WinRAR kan hantera jobbet.

Men å andra sidan 7-Zip kostar ju inget och funkar bra den också, finns ju mängder av teman att ladda ner till båda, om man vill ändra ikonerna & andra intryck i programmen. Ask VG kom ju ut med ett nytt tips strax efteråt om ett patchningsprogram för 7-Zip.

Nä, har ännu inte uppgraderat min gamla licens, får bli gratis ett tag till :D Det är ju så.

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Misstänker att de flesta som använder WinRAR inte betalar för det, men de ”måste” tydligen ha det. :rolleyes:

Om jag skulle betala för ett av alla de program jag använder, bleve det sannerligen inte ett i denna kategori.

Jo jag har haft WinRAR installerat så länge jag kan minnas (samt då 7-zip numera)

Den stora fördelen med just WinRAR är högerklicksvalen direkt i utforskaren.

Sen tycker jag inte det är värt 30 Euro.....

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Misstänker att de flesta som använder WinRAR inte betalar för det, men de ”måste” tydligen ha det. :rolleyes:

Jag tror också det. Jag var själv en sådan fram tills jag insåg att det gick lika bra att göra nästan allt med gratisalternativ.

Den stora fördelen med just WinRAR är högerklicksvalen direkt i utforskaren.

Vilka högerklicksval är det då du menar som inte finns i 7-zip?

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Vilka högerklicksval är det då du menar som inte finns i 7-zip?

Det blir ett extrasteg med 7-zip i menyn -_- .... med Winrar är det pang direkt.

Flashfiler för Android kommer zippade och då går det fort när man ska pillra med filerna.

Jag trivs med båda installerade.... :)

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Det påminner mig om en sak som fattas i 7-Zip när ni nämde dom här detajerna.

I WinRAR så finns möjligheten när man packar upp arkiv att automatiskt öppna Utforskaren när proceduren är klar.

Saknar den funktionen i 7-Zip..förutom skillnaden mellan knapparna Packa upp & Kopiera.

Båda tar en till ett likadant dialogfönster ibland med titlen Kopiera.

Troligt knappen 'Packa upp' innehåller flera alt. mer än bara packa upp.

Annars är filutforskar vyn i dubbel tappning helt ok i 7-Zip

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Detta ämne är nu arkiverat och det går inte längre svara i det.

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    • Av CGD
      Om jag kör det här programmet kommer det alltid då att skapa en installation av den senaste Windows 10?
    • Av LionKing
      Hur är det med anniversary update som - om jag förstått rätt - kommer på tisdag nästa vecka? Kommer den som uppdateringar normalt kommer till Windows 10, alltså automatiskt i bakgrunden, eller har man möjlighet att ladda ner den som en ISO-fil och installera den på det viset? Sitter man på en någorlunda snabb anslutning har det inte så stor betydelse, men har man inte det kan det vara praktiskt att kunna ladda ner en ISO.
    • Av e-son
      Mycket bra komprimerings-/extraheringsprogram som klarar mängder av format.
      I mitt tycke slår den 7Zip och är en fullgod ersättare för WinRAR (börja uppackningen på .rar-filen ). Den kan dock inte skapa nya rar-arkiv... om nu någon har behov av det.
      Svensk språkfil kan laddas ner från programmets forum eller från Svenska Språkfiler.
      Svenska ingår nu i programdistributionen.