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🦊 Firefox 120.0.1


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  • 2 weeks later...

  • fixed
    • Fix an issue impacting the cookie header when third-party cookies are blocked (1257861)
    • Fix a web compatibility regression impacting the srcset attribute of the image tag (1259482)
    • Fix a crash impacting the video playback with Media Source Extension (1258562)
    • Fix a regression impacting some specific uploads (1255735)
    • Fix a regression with the copy and paste with some old versions of some Gecko applications like Thunderbird (1254980)

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Firefox 46.0: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/

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Future Releases: What’s New in Firefox Beta


En av nyheterna är stöd för krypteringssviten ChaCha20-Poly1305, som hittills har stötts endast av Chromium. Fördelen med ChaCha20-Poly1305, jämfört med AES-GCM, är att sviten är snabb också på äldre hårdvara, som saknar kryptoinstruktioner. Google stöder det på sina servrar, och använder det för Chrome på äldre och mobil hårdvara. CloudFlare, som distribuerar en stor mängd sidor, har stött det i drygt ett år.


Nytt är också att VP9-video aktiveras på ”snabba maskiner”. Man skall inte behöva en särskilt snabb dator för VP9, helst inte sedan Firefox bytte från libvpx till ffvp9, som är väldigt snabb. Då VP9 är omkring dubbelt så effektiv som AVC/H.264 High Profile, är ffvp9 snabbare än ffh264, vid avkodning av videor med samma kvalitet.

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Firefox 47.0: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/

  • new
    • Support for Google’s Widevine CDM on Windows and Mac OS X so streaming services like Amazon Video can switch from Silverlight to encrypted HTML5 video.
    • Enable VP9 video codec for users with fast machines
    • Embedded YouTube videos now play with HTML5 video if Flash is not installed.
    • View and search open tabs from your smartphone or another computer in a sidebar
    • Allow no-cache on back/forward navigations for https resources
    • Latgalu [ltg] locale added. Wikipedia tells us there are 164,500 daily speakers.
  • fixed
  • changed
  • developer
    • Web platform changes
    • View, start,and debug registered Service Workers in the Service Workers developer tool
    • Simulate Push messages in the Service Workers developer tool
    • ‘Start’ button for service workers in about:debugging to start registered Service Workers
    • Changes that can affect add-on compatibility
    • Added support for ChaCha20/Poly1305 cipher suites
    • Custom user agents supported in Responsive Design Mode
    • Smart multi-line input in the Web Console
  • html5
    • cuechange events are now available on TextTrack objects
    • WebCrypto: PBKDF2 supports SHA-2 hash algorithms
    • WebCrypto: RSA-PSS signature support


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Firefox 48.0: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/

  • new
    • Process separation (e10s) is enabled for some of you. Like it? Let us know and we’ll roll it out to more.
    • Roar for moar protection against harmful downloads! We’ve got your back
    • Add-ons that have not been verified and signed by Mozilla will not load
    • GNU/Linux fans: Get better Canvas performance with speedy Skia support. Try saying that three times fast
    • WebRTC embetterments:
    • Delay-agnostic AEC enabled
    • Full duplex for GNU/Linux enabled
    • ICE Restart & Update is supported
    • Cloning of MediaStream and MediaStreamTrack is now supported
    • Searching for something already in your bookmarks or open tabs? We added super smart icons to let you know
    • Windows folks: Tab (move buttons) and Shift+F10 (pop-up menus) now behave as they should in Firefox customization mode
    • The media parser has been redeveloped using the Rust programming language
    • Windows 7 systems without Platform Update can now use D3D11 WARP
  • fixed
    • Various security fixes
    • Improved step debugging on last line of functions
    • Heyo, Jabra & Logitech C920 webcam users. We fixed those pesky WebRTC bugs causing frequency distortions. Buh-bye, squeaky voice!
    • changed
    • After version 48, SSE2 CPU extensions are going to be required on Windows
    • So long to support for 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8. Now we can focus on where most Mac users are: 10.9. Don’t forget to upgrade!
    • Au revoir to Windows Remote Access Service modem Autodial
  • developer
    • WebExtensions support is now considered as stable
    • Workers can now use the Web Crypto API
    • Want to move absolute & fixed positioned elements? (Who doesn’t, right?) Now you can with our geometry editor.
    • The memory tool now has a tree map view for your debugging pleasure. It’s a little bit of “boo” and a whole lot of “ya.”
    • We’re putting the spotlight on the background. Now you can debug WebExtensions background content scripts and background pages
    • Content Security Policy (CSP) is now enforced for WebExtensions. (Who’s down with CSP?)
    • Old and busted: Error Console. New hotness: Browser Console for your debugging pleasure.
    • Add-on development just got easier because you can reload them from about:debugging — because we’re all about debugging.
    • This theme is hot, hot, hot! Say hi to the Firebug theme for Developer Tools.
    • Expand network requests from the console panel to view request details in line, so you can see things in context


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  • 4 weeks later...

Firefox 49.0: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/

  • new
    • Updated Firefox Login Manager to allow HTTPS pages to use saved HTTP logins. It’s one more way Firefox is supporting Let’s Encrypt and helping users transition to a more secure web.
    • Added features to Reader Mode that make it easier on the eyes and the ears
    • Controls that allow users to adjust the width and line spacing of text
    • Narrate, which reads the content of a page out loud
    • Improved video performance for users on systems that support SSSE3 without hardware acceleration
    • Added context menu controls to HTML5 audio and video that let users loops files or play files at 1.25x speed
    • Enhancements for Mac users
    • Improved performance on OS X systems without hardware acceleration
    • Improved appearance of anti-aliased OS X fonts
    • Improvements in about:memory reports for tracking font memory usage
    • Improve performance on Windows systems without hardware acceleration
  • fixed
    • Fixed an issue that prevented users from updating Firefox for Mac unless they originally installed Firefox. Now, those users as well as any user with administrative credentials can update Firefox.
  • changed
  • developer


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