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VLC Videolan [Mediaspelare]


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Hemsida: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/VideoLAN.htm

För att ladda ner :D


Features in VLC (VideoLAN Client) 0.8.5 :

- Rewrite of the playlist (tree structure, input preparsing ...)

- Preferences improvements

- XML parsers

- Client-side SSL/TLS support

- Massive Matroska improvements

- Support for SOCKS proxy

- Support for Shoutcast Meta-data

- Support for (HE-)AAC raw-audio streams

- TiVo demuxer

- Samba (Windows shares) access module

- Dirac decoder and encoder

- PNG decoder/encoder

- Support for Apple Lossless Audio Codec

- Services discovery modules (brand new SAP module, HAL discovery, DAAP (iTunes shares), shoutcast)

- Support for 20/24 bits LPCM

- Video snapshot support (png or jpg)

- Image file video output (png)

- Mosaic (picture-in-picture system)

- Pocket PC port

- Brand new Internet Explorer ActiveX plugin


Changes in VLC (VideoLAN Client) 0.8.5 test1 :

Core support:

* Statistics collection (bitrates, packets, connections, ...)

* Support for downloading updates


* Initial support for RTSP-over-HTTP (to allow NAT traversal)

* Linux DV (Digital Video - Firewire) input

* Improvements to the Audio CD input

- Separate playlist entries for the tracks

- Support for CDDB

* Support for more DVB (satellite) encryption modules

* Improved subtitles encoding support

* Improved support for playing MP4 files from the Web


* Cook (Real audio) support

Playlist / Services discovery:

* Podcast support

Audio output:

* New JACK audio output

Video output:

* New video filters:

- magnify: allows you to zoom on part of the image

- gradient and edge detection: "cartoon-like" effect

- bluescreen: overlay a video transparently on another one

* Logo video filter: can now loop through multiple images

* RSS video filter: display feed images. Support for Atom feeds.

* Improvements to the subtitles rendering

Stream output:

* Initial support for throttling users on VOD streams


* System to inform the user and request information

- HTTP authentication

- Fatal errors

- ...

* wxWidgets

- VLM (VideoLAN Media Manager) control panel

- Improved media information panel (shows statistics, metadata, ...)

- Drag & Drop support in the playlist

* Skins2

- Support for Winamp 2 skins

- Improved playlist handling

- Support for popup menus, animated bitmaps, equalizer...


- New default interface pages for VLC and VLM

- A bunch of new RPN functions

Windows Port:

* MSN messenger "Now playing" support

Changes in VLC (VideoLAN Client) 0.8.4 Final :

Core support:

- Internal strings handling is now UTF-8 based

- New OSD system

Video output:

- Fixed problems with OpenGL output

- New --monitor-par (pixel aspect ratio) option

- Fixed display problems with HDTV-1080 format


- Improved DVB support for satellite bands other than Ku-band

- IPv6 and Extended passive mode support for FTP

- IPv6 Source Specific Multicast support

- GnomeVFS input module

- Support for RTP packet reordering

- Fixed syntax for FTP URLs


- Support for libSDL_image to import different image types

- Musepack decoder using libmpdec

- QDM2 audio support (needs ffmpeg from 19th Oct 2005 or later)

Services discovery:

- UPnP service discovery (Linux only at the moment)

- Bonjour service discovery using avahi (Linux only)

Video filters:

* RSS feed overlay

Audio filters:

- Fixes, enhancements and new options related to the Headphone Channel Mixer and Dolby Surround

Stream output:

- New shout output module to forward streams to icecast servers

- Fixed several SAP and SDP announcement bugs

- Fixed MTU handling to avoid IP fragments


* wxWidgets

- Rename wxWindows interface in wxWidgets.

- All the --wxwin-* options are now --wx-*

- VLC update checker

- Support for RTP streaming in Stream Ouput dialog

- Now require wx2.6 with Unicode support

* Skins2

- Tree playlist


- New RPN functions to control VLC features (see play-howto)

- Facilities to correctly handle non-ASCII characters and spaces in the names of files

- Include macro to include other files

- CGI 1.0 support

ActiveX plugin:

- Should now work outside IE as well

Windows port:

- Fixed bandwidth problems of HTTP streaming


The following languages were added:

- Korean

- Romanian

- Simplified Chinese

The following languages were re-added:

- Swedish

För övrigt gillar jag VLC :D finns ingen info om detta på deras hemsida iaf tror inte länken funkar heller!

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VLC Player 0.8.6 har släppts! Bland annat stöds numera Vistas gränssnitt Windows Aero.

Hemsida: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

VLC Player 0.8.6a finns just nu http://www.videolan.org/mirror.php?mirror=ftp://ftp.endpoint.nu/pub/software/videolan/&file=vlc/0.8.6a/win32/vlc-0.8.6a-win32.exe

Changes in VLC (VideoLAN Client) 0.8.6a :

- This Tuesday (Jan 04, 2007), the so-called "Month of Apple Bugs" published a security vulnerability in VLC media player 0.8.6 down to 0.7.0, which can lead to arbitrary code execution. The issue was filed as Security Advisory 0701.

VLC media player 0.8.6a solves this problem and improves the usability of the Fullscreen Controller on Mac OS X. We strongly recommend all users to update to this new version.

VLC (VideoLAN Client) 0.8.6 final


- Shoutcast TV listings support


- Support for RTSP authentication

- Support for adding subtitles on the fly

- Fixed MPEG-PS duration calculation

- ATSC support for DVB input

- Partial reading support for DVR-ms recordings

- Partial reading support for MXF and GXF fileformat

- Improved support for Flash Video files


- Native WMV9/VC-1 support

- WMA Speech support (through binary codecs)

- VP5/VP6 - Flash Video support

- The True Audio Lossless codec support

- WavPack support

- Improved H.264 support (interlaced, speed improvements etc)

- Fixed a problem with MPEG2 field pictures

- Fixed swapped colors on DVB subtitles

Video output:

- Additional OpenGL effects (cylinder, torus, sphere, ...)

- Experimental Direct3D 9 video output (win32). Best served on Vista :)

- Improved libcaca support


- All

- New hotkeys for crop and zoom

- Support for snapshots from the HTTP interface


- Systray support in skins

Windows port:

- Support for Unicode filenames (Windows NT and above)

Windows 9x/ME users:

· Please note that these versions of Windows are not officially supported

· Unicode support for Windows 9x/ME applications is available through the Microsoft Layer for Unicode available from the following location:


Download the MSLU package (unicows) and extract the content into the folder C:WindowsSystem

- Fixed IPv6 support on the client side

- Fixed disable screensaver (Direct3D and DirectX video output)


- Add Czech

- Add Slovak

- Add Malay

- Add Slovenian


- Updates to the libvlc API

- Fixes for the mozilla and activeX plugins

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