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Oeminfo i vista?


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I Windows XP brukar datorbutiker eller dom som tillverkat datorn lägga in en bildfil och/eller en infofil i C:/program/windows/system32 som sedan visas i Systemegenskaper på fliken allmänt.

Någon som vet hur man lägger in liknande i Vista



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Hittade detta på windowsxlive.net för ett tag sen. Har inte testat det själv.

To put the brand you like do the following:

1) Get a Bitmap Image file 128 x 128 pixels of your preference. (May work with other sizes, not sure)

2) Change the filename to Brand.bmp. (You can change the name, but need to remember what you use)

3) Copy the Bitmap to C:WindowsSystem32oobe

4) Make a registry file with this info:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Manufacturer=My Brand

5) Substitute My Brand with what you like and remember to use the same name you used to create the bitmap image in the logo line.

6) Execute the registry file by double click.

7) Right-Click over Computer and select properties to see your work. (look screenshot).

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