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Rädda filer med reparera disk och kommandoprompt


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Hej! Har följande problem (skriver på engelska, ni kan svara på svenska):

I have a Dell Latitude D630 with 64-bit Vista Business installed. When I start the computer wants to make chkdsk on the file system. If I do that it ends up with the following behaviour:

Chkdsk is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)

161472 file records processed.

File verification completed.

150 lrage file records processed.

0 bad file records processed.

2 EA records processed.

76 reparse records processed.

Chkdsk is verifying index (stage 2 of 3)

20 percent complete. (78222 of 615387 index entries processed

After this it stops. Doesnot matter how long I wait (couple of hours). The screen is all black, no mousearrow.

I have also tried F8 after reboot and selected ""Repair your computer". I´ll be prompted for user-ID. If I select "Administrator" I get the following answer:

your account has been disabled. If I select user johbjo, which is an administrator, it works fine and I can login. Then I select "command prompt" and now I can see my missed files that I would like to save. But to what place can they be saved? I restarted the same way and connected an external USB-disk. But I cannot find any device letter for that one. I have tried d:, a:, b:, e: and so on. I would really like to save my files.

I have also teaken out the hard drive and connected it to a desktop as a secondary HD. The desktop stops after trying to c"chkdsk verifying index" for 4-5 hours.

I do not really dare to do any command on the disk now when I can see my files but to rescue them.

Any piece of advices is appreciated.

Best reg. Magnus

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Jag löste ett liknande problem,i Windows XP genom att montera den "trasiga " hårddisken i ett Usb kabinett.

startade en "frisk " dator och därefter kopplade jag in Usb hårddisken.

i detta läge kunde jag kopiera in filerna på datorn.

Hoppas att detta fungerar även i ditt fall. Jag har ingen erfarenhet av vista.

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Jag har testat med att koppla disken via SATAkabel till en Desktop och det fungerade inte enligt min beskrivning i första inlägget. Har ej testat kabinett men jag har hittat en lösning. Har skrivit in den i ett engelskt forum så jag kopierar in det nedan på engelska.:

I burned a Knoppix v 5.3.1 DVD and started up the PC on that one. I did not manage to connect to a USB-drive but I connected to a server and could save the most part of my files via the network.

Anyway I still wonder how to connect a USB-hard drive or memory to Knoppix OS and save files that way. I also wonder how to access the files in a folder i can list from the "F8-Rescue disk-command prompt" manner. The dir-command stops at the letter C something so files after C seem to be corrypted. From Knoppix I cant even enter the folder.

Hälsningar Magnus

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