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Secunia CSI BETA

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Hej, Secunia PSi tycker jag är ett bra säkerhetsverktyg, detta kanske kan var ngt för er med flera datorer i nätverk!

Fick just ett mail om denna test!


Mats H

Secunia is proud to announce the Public Beta of our next-generation

scanning tool for businesses, the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector

(CSI) 3.0.

The Secunia CSI is designed to scan multiple computers that are connected

through a local network, whereas the Secunia PSI, which you're already

using, is designed to scan a single PC at a time.

If you are not a technical user / system administrator yourself, then

please forward this email to your system administrator(s) at work, and

recommend them to try out the Secunia CSI 3.0 Beta.

Should you manage a Windows network at your work place, then we'd like to

invite you to download and install the Secunia CSI 3.0 Beta, scan a couple

of computers, and then post your comments and feedback in the designated

Secunia Community Forum:


Any feedback is greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to hear

what you think of our internal vulnerability scanning solution for


Read more:


Download the Secunia CSI 3.0 Beta:


Thanks in advance,

Secunia - Stay Secure

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