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ROSA Media Player 1.5


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"ROSA Media Player 1.5 becomes cross platform".

ROSA Media Player 1.5. The product which already supports more than 300 video and 160 audio formats.

( ROSA Media Player 1.5 har stöd för 300 video och 160 audio formats ).

ROSA Company levererar en helt gratis högklassig "Media Player", nu även till alla Windowsanvändare i världen. ROSA Media Player har en del helt unika fördelar som vanligtvis är frånvarande i de allra flesta moderna gratis mediaspelare. Se nedan.

"example, screen video recording, «on-the-fly» video edge cutting and saving audiotracks to .mp3 or .ogg file"

"ROMP provides quite a few unique features which are absent in other modern mediaplayers. For example, screen video recording, «on-the-fly» video edge cutting and saving audiotracks to .mp3 or .ogg files".

Några framtida funktioner är följande. Se nedan.

"In future, we are planning to add support for screencasts with audio recording and implement possibility to capture a given screen region or a separate window. Integration with online services (such as You Tube) is also planned to search and view video files".

Källa/läs mer: http://www.rosalab.c...mes-cross-platf

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