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Varje gång jag startar om datorn så går det utmärkt. När jag har kommit in i Windows får jag upp en ruta som det står:

Datorn har återställts efter en allvarlig fel. Felrapportgrejen.

När man klickar på Skicka inte kommer jag åt denna hemsida:


Nån som har någon ide?

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Jag citerar felmeddlandet som antyder att du måste uppgradera din BIOS:

"Solution not found: consider BIOS Upgrade

Thank you for submitting an error report.

Problem description

Microsoft is unable to determine what specifically caused the problem you reported.

Consider BIOS Upgrade

During the crash analysis, we noticed the basic input/output (BIOS) system version on this computer does not match the specifications for the processor that is installed on your computer. This can occur when a newer processor is installed on an older system board or older BIOS. Using a BIOS that does not support the installed processor can result in Windows system crashes. Please contact your computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer for an updated version of BIOS for your computer's processor.

Important: Upgrading the BIOS version may require moderate to advanced troubleshooting skills. If you are uncomfortable with performing these steps, you might want to consider consulting with paid technical support.

If your computer contains an Intel processor, you can use special utilities to identify your specific processor. Please click the following link for more information:

Intel Processor Identification Utility:


List of BIOS Manufacturers

For a list of BIOS manufacturer websites, see the following two Knowledge Base articles:

See the article 243909 for a list of BIOS manufacturer websites Part 1 (A-Pi)


See the article 243971 for a list of BIOS manufacturer websites Part 2 (Pr-Z)

http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=243971 "

I svenska ordalag så har du m a o bytt ut processorn på moderkortet, eller? ::)

och Microsoft anser att du bör överväga att uppdatera ditt BIOS...

Dessutom kan du behöva komma att omaktivera ditt Windows XP, eftersom du bytt ut maskinvaran i datorn!

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