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Speedfan och hårddisk

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SpeedFan: Vad kan man göra åt dessa problem? Jag har prövat Scandisk och Hårddisken är i 4 Partitioner + mastern = c:

Raw Read Error Rate 200 0 Very good

Spin Up Time 189 5550 Very good

Start/Stop Count 100 657 Very good

Reallocated Sector Count 200 0 Very good

Seek Error Rate 200 0 Very good

Power On Hours Count 94 4965 Watch

Warning: Power On Hours Count is below the average limits (95-100).

Spin Retry Count 100 0 Very good

Calibration Retry Count 100 0 Very good

Power Cycle Count 100 482 Very good

Reallocated Event Count 200 0 Very good

Current Pending Sector 200 0 Very good

Offline Uncorrectable Sector Count 200 1 Very good

Ultra DMA CRC Error Rate 200 0 Very good

Write Error Rate 200 0 Very good

NOTE : your hard disk has 1 offline uncorrectable sectors. Those are sectors that an offline scanning found as unreadable. Offline scanning is a process that can be automatically started by the hard disk logic when a long enough idle period is detected or that can be forced by some tool. Those unreadable sectors are identified and the hard disk logic is waiting for a write command that will overwrite them to try to remap them to spare sectors (if available). According to the Reallocated Sector Count attribute, your hard disk seems to have available spare sectors. A simple disk surface scan won't be enough to force the remap operation. You need a read/write surface scan to remap the sector. The best option should be a tool that knows about what should be read from that sector so that it has some option to apply the best fix to the missing data.

NOTE : your hard disk Power On Hours Count attribute current value (94) is below the normal range (95 - 100) reported for your specific hard disk model. Basically your hard disk was powered on for more than the maximum time the average user did. This means that either all of the reports collected are from hard disks that were not powered on for too long (this is realistic for recent models) or that your hard disk is becoming old. Usually this is not considered as a pre-failure advisory, but you should check whether you want to replace the hardware or keep an eye on its performances over time.

The overall fitness for this drive is 98%.

The overall performance for this drive is 100%.

Ämnet redigerat av stenis, har förtydligat ämnet/rubriken

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