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[LÖST] NFS till Windows 2008


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NFS stöds ju av 2008:an

Services For NFS

Services for Network File System (NFS) provide a file sharing solution for enterprises that have a mixed Windows and UNIX environment. With Services for NFS, you can transfer files between computers running the Windows Server 2008 operating system and the UNIX operating system using the NFS protocol. Enhancements to NFS in Windows Server 2008 include:

    *      Active Directory lookup.

    *      64-bit version support.

    *      Enhanced server performance.

    *      UNIX special device support.

    *      Enhanced UNIX support.

To learn more, please visit the Windows Server 2008 Support for Unix page.

Sen har jag sett att man kör OpenSolaris med ZFS och Sambaprotokollet så har man

"state of the art" för filsystem samt åtkomst från Windows servern.


Novell har sedan en massa speciallösningar men kostar då.... ;)

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