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Finding the Temporary Files

When a new file is started a temporary file is created. This can be either in the windows temp directory, in "C:\ Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft". If the file is stored on a network drive then it will be temporarily created there.

This temporary file will have a few different letters after the tilde (or squiggly line ~) . These are good ones to look for to find some lost info:


If you are looking for files used by word, then the following file types should be searched for, where "xxxx" is a number.

* A word document file will look like ~wrdxxxx.tmp

* A temp document file will look like ~wrfxxxx.tmp

* An auto recovery file will look like ~wraxxxx.tmp

* An auto recovery file that is complete will have the extension of .wbk.

Hoppas du finner den

Hela sidan: http://www.amset.info/tips/office-recovery.asp

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