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Morro beta leaked


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Hittade det här på MyDigitaLife


Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 (Morro MSE Free Anti-Virus) Leaked Download

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

32-bit (x86) Windows Vista and Windows 7: <<< LÄNK BORTTAGEN >>>

64-bit (x64) Windows Vista and Windows 7: <<< LÄNK BORTTAGEN >>>

Windows XP: <<< LÄNK BORTTAGEN >>>

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Microsoft Security Essentials (Morro) installerat. Ser helt Ok ut.

Hur bra det är återstår väl att se.

Microsoft Security Essentials Version: 1.0.2140.0

Antimalware Client Version: 2.0.5612.0

Engine Version: 1.1.4701.0

Antivirus definitions: 1.59.1456.0

Antispyware definitions: 1.59.1456.0

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Guest Lasseska

Installerat här också, ser väldigt enkelt ut och det är ju bra.

Ska testa några dagar nu, men räknar nog med att det blir mitt ordinarie antivirusprogram

om det håller vad det lovar.

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Monitor file and program activity on your computer

This option monitors when files and programs start running on your computer, and then it alerts you about any actions they perform and actions taken on them. This is important because malicious software can use vulnerabilities in programs that you have installed to run malicious or unwanted software without your knowledge. For example, spyware can run itself in the background when you start a program that you frequently use. Microsoft Security Essentials monitors your programs and alerts you if it detects suspicious activity.

Blir intressant att se hur effektivt det detekterar misstänkt aktivitet. B)

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