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Hp scanjet 4400c


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Den verkar vara en gammal modell och då finns det tyvärr inga drivrutiner till Vista, iallafall inte på HP s hemsida.


Den är 7 år, men jag tycker att det är dåligt av Hp att inte ha drivrutin till vista.Det finns ett program som heter vuescan men tycker att den fungerar långsamt.

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Guest yassin_2999
Jag har ett Hp scanjet 4400c men det fungerar ej med vista fick det här meddelandet. är det någon där ute som har lösning.

Lite väl mycke läsning...den enligt personen så ska det fungera...Lycka till...

I have been using my HP Scan Jet 4400C on Windows Vista for over 6 months by doing the following and it is NOT that hard to do!!!!

How to Install a HP ScanJet 4400C on a Windows Vista Computer.

This should work with the ScanJet 5000 and 6000 series Scanners also!

First you must have the Latest Drivers and Software for Windows XP

that HP has for your series of Scanner. I donât know if this will work on

the HP all-in-one scanners, I havenât tried yet. I do know it works on my

HP ScanJet 4400C, because What I describe below is how it finally got

it to work in Windows Vista.

Second When you start the installation you will need to Allow the install

to run. Chose the Install the HP Precision Scan Pro, also chose to Install

the USB drivers. You will have a window remind you of the following:

Find the USB Cable. you will connect it AFTER you have finished the

Software installation and shut down your Computer. I would not connect

it until after you have completely rebooted.

Click the Install option and it will show files being copied.

Third The Install shield wizard has successfully installed HP Precision Scan Pro

window will open. Click Finished to exit. and a window will open telling

you to Restart Windows, but leave the CD-ROM in the Drive.

Forth Once back in Windows you will have an Icon on the Task Bar next

to the Clock, Stating it Blocked Startup Programs. You will need to Right click

on it and chose Run Blocked Programs and find the HP program and click on it.

Once it finishes running Close it.

Fifth Now you can plug the Scanner into the USB port on the Computer, It will

start the found new hardware and installing drivers for new hardware. once done

it will say that the Hardware is installed and ready to use. But this is not true!

Because the drivers are Windows XP drives and until you do the following, you

will keep getting errors when trying to run the Scanner.

Sixth Go to Start, Programs, and find the HP Precision Scan Pro Icon and right

click on it. Click on the option to Run as Administrator. A UAC Control window

will pop up just click on the Allow Tab. It should work just fine now! It did on

my installation into Vista!

But is it still keeps popping up with the error message, you will need to take one more

step to solve this problem.

Seventh Right Click on the My Computer Icon and click on the Properties Tab. Click

on the Device Manager Tab and a UAC Control window will pop up, chose

continue. Once in Device Manager, Find the Imaging Devices Icon and click on the

Plus to the left of it and you should see your Hewlett Packart ScanJet Model #.

Double click on it and the Hewlett Packart ScanJet Model # Properties window will

open. Click on the Drivers Tab. Click on the Roll Back Drivers Tab.

Chose to Run this device under Windows XP Mode.

Click OK and reboot and it should work now.

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