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Gratis Softmaker office 2008


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Softmaker bjuder på officepaket och donerar samtidigt en summa för varje nedladdning, kan ju inte bli bättre.

Spread the word!

Hämta här: http://www.loadandhelp.de/home-en.html

Kampanjen slut.

Load and Help 2010 is over!

During our Load and Help campaign, we offered SoftMaker Office 2008 for Windows and Linux and a font collection as free downloads.

42,960 people took up on this opportunity to get our modern, full-featured office package and the fonts for free, and we welcome them in the family of SoftMaker Office users.

42,960 downloads also means that SoftMaker donated 4,296 Euros (ten Euro cents per download) to charity and development projects around the globe. Isn't that a great thing? Getting something for free and doing good at the same time!

You can find an overview over all projects supported by SoftMaker on www.betterplace.org.

Kan ju samtidigt tipsa om att använda godstart.se som startsida, många bäckar små kan göra underverk.


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