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Hur AVINSTALLERAR jag KB976002? (Val av Webbläsare) [LÖST]

Skull Kid

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Finns ett förslag här (1a kommentaren - http://poweradmin.se...-choice-screen/

To uninstall 976002:

1. Go to C:\Windows\Servicing\Packages

2. Find the two .mum files relating to KB 976002

3. Take ownership of them, give yourself full control

4. Open Control Panel, programs, Installed Updates

5. Find KB 976002 and right click, Uninstall is not available. Important: Do not close this window, to avoid re-verification of the checksum of the .mum files.

6. Go back to the two .mum files for 976002. Edit them both with notepad, change Permanance="Permanent" to Permanence="Removable"

7. Go back to the Installed updates list, hit F5, right click KB 976002. Uninstall is now available.

8. Uninstall the update (if you want to be double-careful, monitor with sysinternals process monitor).

9. Reinstate the two keys which the uninstall removes



10. Reboot the PC

11. Run the 947821 update to verify the component store

12. Go to WU, check for updates, hide the 976002 update

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