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Hjälp med att skapa outlook 2007 email mall

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Hello. sorry for writing in english in this forum but I feel more comfortable with it.

I would you your help in creating an outlook 2007 e-mail template.

I am experienced with xhtml and css and am fully capable of

coding the design i desire but i have no idea how to make a

template for outlook 2007 to use  for emails.

The image added with my post describes what i want the

template too look like once compose new email based on

template has been chosen.

I want the subject to be "rubrik saknas" = subject missing to

be stated until one chooses to change it.

And the business card based on one's personal information

added in the outlook 2007 adressbook added as an attached


Next is the most enigmatic steps for me, how do i design the

visual part of the template?

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