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Nokia/WP8 marknadsandelar ökar.


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De har rätt stor marknadsandel i Polen:



Även med uppdateringstrategin ska Microsoft släppa uppdateringar mer frekvent och inte annonsera nåt halvår i förväg vad som kommer:



Wozniak verkar också tro på Windows Phone men är mer tveksam till BlackBerrys framtid:




BlackBerry Z10 verkar heller inte ha sålt så mycket som först sades:



Vi får se hur det går. Jag tror att MS lär gå om (marknadsandelar globalt) iOS inom nåt år med Google/Android som fortsatt etta.

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Rent generellt tror jag Blackberry hårdvarumässigt har en ganska stark ställning, deras QWERTY tangentbord är många troget.


På den svenska marknaden är det endast Nokia som konkurrerat med det vad jag vet (Sony Ericsson gjorde ett försök med Aspen som telefonen kallades)


Nu vet jag inte om Nokia har något nytt på gång med qwerty men senast var det ju E6án. Har endast sett deras lågbudget telefon asha med ett 

vilket inte lockar alla.


Detta med statistiken vet jag inte mycket om men det var inte länge sedan som Nokia var "dödsdömt" enligt tidningar med teknisk inriktning.


Systemmässigt kan det tänkas att de skulle vinna på att använda android eller w8 men ska kunden fortsätta vara trogen bör de nog kunna känna igen sig, så jag tror de gör helt rätt med att ha sitt eget OS.


mvh alex

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Med Android skulle Nokia få tampas med alla Samsungs, HTC.s, Sonys m.m.. tillverkares mobiler. Jag vet inte hur bra support de skulle få av Google i nuläget heller:



Det vanliga Windows 8 ökar också:



Så jag tror Nokia gör rätt med sin strategi. Elop själv förklarar den i en ganska färsk intervju:



Efteråt kommenterade Elop själv vad han tyckte om The Verges intervju:

"Some of the questions are weird, but to be honest, some of the questions and articles that are written by some people at the verge make me wonder what kind of educational backgrounds they have. I’m just gonna go off a hunch here, but I’m pretty sure that a degree or studies in Business, Finance, or Economics might not be there. Vlad essentially questions why Nokia is putting out so many models at varying price points but not releasing flagship models at a faster pace. Oh man…
Nokia has always been a company that makes cell phones at every possible price point, something that Samsung is increasingly doing as well. Let’s put it this way, does Mercedes sell more SLS AMGs or C250s? Does Toyota sell more Camrys or Lexus LFAs? I can understand you guys want to cover, and like to talk about the high end devices that have the highest PPI, most cores, fastest GPUs and best benchmarks, but you need to understand the overwhelming majority of the world doesn’t care about the 920, the Galaxy S, the iPhone 5 or any other flagship because they’ll just can’t afford it. There’s a reason why there’ a market for the Tata Nano, a $3000 dollar car.
The same applies to HTC One and some of the articles/podcast coverage that it has received. HTC is in trouble, and can make a killer flagship device to compete w/ the Galaxy to fix things, or they could have a complimentary midrange and low end portfolio of devices to sell in emerging markets that are actually attractive, something they don’t really have. Concentrating on only flagships, and refusing to make low end phones, is a business model that only works with Apple – but even they were smart enough to start selling old products at discounted prices, because there’s a huge market for it."


"And, you fit perfectly into the class of people that don’t have any understanding of business, finance, or economics.

You think 5 phones at varying price points are too confusing? Well, I guess a company like Toyota that makes around 25 cars (not even including SUVs or trucks) across 3 different brands really leaves customers with their minds completely blown. You just made one of the stupidest statements I think I’ve seen in some time.

And as far as profit margin*quantity for total profit, tell me which one would be better for Z Company to sell:

# 100 units of Product A for a price of $100 with a 15% product margin
# 10 units of Product B for $500 with a 30% product margin?


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