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Vertikalsynk för Vista


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Det finns inte längre den möjligheten enl detta...

Windows Vista Limitations

These are behaviors that may be different from Windows XP and are related directly to the Windows Vista operating system.

Selecting Vertical Sync (vsync) from the NVIDIA Control Panel does not affect DirectX applications.

Due to architectural changes in the new Windows Vista Window Display Driver Model (WDDM), the graphics driver can no longer disable vsync from its own driver or Control Panel. Selecting this option from the NVIDIA Control Panel will have no affect on DirectX applications. For applications that use Direct3D on Vista, use the vertical sync setting within the application. We are adjusting the help text in the NVIDIA Control Panel to make this clearer to our customers.

Horizontal and Vertical span modes are no longer available under Windows Vista.

Due to architectural changes in the new Windows Vista Window Display Driver Model (WDDM), span mode cannot be supported in NVIDIA graphics drivers. NVIDIA recommends using the built-in Windows Vista multi-display modes.

Om det uppstår andra skumma problem kan man prova...

I had this problem too. I changed these files back to driver version 100.65 in the windows/system32 file:





I found that the nvidia control panel in driver version 101.41 is bad. My tv/video files all play now, no more black screens and sli mode also works. Hope this helps

Om det skulle hjälpa dig tror jag inte enl första quote, tråkigt men sant.

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