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MBR ??


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Fick upp en fråga : Your MBR has been mofied,reactivate PCM ?

Kan ju nämna att jag läste in ny imagefile Xp, hade Vista home Premium installerad, men var trött på Vista. Men ska jag svara Ja eller Nej på frågan som kom  upp ??

Tacksam för svar

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Har du installerat program från PowerCinema ?


If PowerCinema is the package that is checking the MBR, and then over-writting it, I think the answer maybe YES, you need to make a choice.

It appears some software (PowerCinema?) is overwriting the MBR, when it detects Grub (or LiLo) in the MBR, restoring the MBR to what it was before Linux MBR was installed. Is there anyway you can recharacterise PowerCinema to accept the Grub/LiLO mbr? If not, I recommend you try to permanently disable it.

Read this forum where a similar problem was encountered (albeit not with PowerCinema but with a WinXP setup that did something similar):



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