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Levereras nya datorer med Windows 7 nu?


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Har Win 7 börjat lev med nya datorer?

har inte heller sett någon annonsering om dator med W7 fabriksinstallerat. Bara Vista med w7-uppgradering. Det är så t.ex. med den bärbara Dell som jag fick levererad förra veckan. Den skall jag nog göra en in-place upgrade av bara för att se hur det går eftersom jag inte har några extra program inlagda ännu.

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Kan läsas på flera ställen idag.

Eager to get your hands on a new PC with Microsoft's Windows 7 preinstalled? If you play your cards right, you could get one as much as a week or more in advance of the software's official Oct. 22 release.

A custom computer maker in the Seattle region says Microsoft has quietly given smaller system builders its blessing to sell Windows 7 PCs as soon as they receive the product keys, which is expected to be as early as Oct. 13. The head start might not seem like a big deal, particularly given the fact that many enthusiasts are already running Windows 7 through a variety of testing and technical programs, but the situation shows how eager the industry is to make the shift.

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