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Ändra ikoner i biblioteket?


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När man skapar nya bibliotek under Biblioteket så skapas en ny mapp/ikon. Det verkar vara förutvalda ikonbilder som används. Hur ändrar man dessa ikonbilder?

Har Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

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@fredde... TACK! Den länken är ovärdelig! Den har mycket matnyttigt... bl a hur man får Explorer i Aktivitetsfältet att öppna "Den här datorn" istället för "Bibliotek"... bra tips på hur man byter systemikoner osv också!

// Manneman

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Några enkla verktyg för att ändra dessa är följande:

Librarian: A Library Manager for Windows 7

Librarian is an excellent piece of software that allows you to easily tweak Libraries in Windows 7.

It is a multi-language application which allows you to:

-Create a new library with any folder(s) inside

-Change library's icon through standard Windows dialog

-Rename library

-Change content type of new or current library

-Change "default save location" option

-Change "Show in Navigation Pane" option

-Show library as XML



Ladda ner

Win7 Library Tool

This tool adds functionality to Windows 7 libraries that is not made available in Windows out-of-the-box.


-Add network (UNC or mapped drive) and any other un-indexed folders to libraries.

-Backup library configuration, such that a saved set of libraries can be instantly restored at any point (like after a re-install of the OS or for transfer between multiple computers).

-Create a mirror of all libraries (using symbolic links) in [systemDrive]:\libraries. This means you can reference all your files using a much shorter path, and also provides another entry-point to your files in many places in the Operating System (e.g. file open/save dialogs).

-Change a librarys icon.


Ladda ner

Enjoy ;)

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