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Comodo Unite (f.d. EasyVPN)


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Comodo Unite (f.d. EasyVPN), ett program för att skapa ett virtuellt privat nätverk, skicka snabbmeddelanden (flera protokoll stöds), dela skrivbord och program, m.m.

What is Easy VPN?

Our EasyVPN software allows home users to easily create a secure and encrypted virtual private network (VPNs) between groups of computers. Setting up a VPN is as easy as clicking a button. When you create a VPN with another PC or group of PCs, all computers within the VPN can securely share any files they choose. Share music and photos with pals, set up a multi-player gaming session, or simply chat with friends using the included messaging service. You can download files directly from another PC, or edit them without downloading them at all. Users of EasyVPN software are even able to securely access their work computer from their home machine and send documents to their local printer from any remote location. All this, and it's free-for-life for non-commercial use.

Utgivare: Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.

Länk: https://www.comodo.c.../vpn-access.php

Forum: https://forums.comod...n-cevpn-b159.0/

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För några dagar sedan släpptes Comodo EasyVPN

Comodo EasyVPN is now available for download from:

32 Bit


Size: 12.6 MB (13,218,096 bytes)

MD5: C2F1A07EF15EB8C928DF2CD5AA50483F

SHA1: B6B86214F45D6EFB13557853DDC004D232ABC43

64 Bit


Size: 14.40 MB (15,190,320 bytes)

MD5: 023C3A0A6FD4673EBFA76550524E56FB

SHA1: 3F409F90AC2E73EB586F1F064A48CFB8558147E8

Change log to follow.


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Ny beta, och nytt namn: Comodo Unite Beta

Comodo Unite Beta is now available for beta testing (i.e. do not run on production systems and we recommend backup of any data before use)

- Please uninstall EasyVPN before installing the beta.

32 bit


Size: 18,526 KB

MD5: 290C287EBDB30B398AADE9CEFC55DC09

SHA1: 09C3E7655170E7A4DEA2D23B19E766CE76A80A60

64 bit


Size: 21,159 KB

MD5: 60880ADB20F7719D2CB2408534141A6A

SHA1: E4FA8CD887D1F22F14CACCC634E8832045618CB0

New to this version:


1. Log in to multiple locations by same user account.

2. My Computers section showing all your computers logged in.

3. Unite Web site to manage personal information, contacts and networks, also include searching contacts and networks on web.

5. New long awaited Unite service to keep computer connectible via VPN before Windows logon.

6. Unicode support for user profile information.


1. Send multi files via 3rd IM accounts will hang application.

Known issues:

1. User could not login both Unite and Unite with same account in same time.


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Comodo Unite RC

Comodo Unite RC is now available for beta testing (i.e. do not run on production systems and we recommend backup of any data before use)

- Please uninstall EasyVPN/Comodo Unite Betas before installing this Comodo Unite RC.

32 bit


Size: 16724272 bytes

File Version: 2, 5, 54, 0

MD5: 0A4770E8694A49B1B73D279293557A0E

SHA1: 6A335025AE5EEB8DEBF3A3EE711B70D9B92F61E

64 bit


Size: 20083504 bytes

File Version: 2, 5, 54, 0

MD5: 14B8C4A98C2FF8AFB6B72306138C828E

SHA1: 84A0B9CC3E08C0A4E212E64933FA883930AC427

New to this version:



1. History with contact becomes broken if receive any non-XML tag.

2. My Computers' initial password is wrong .

3. Can't save user's My Computers group.

4. VPN status display incorrectly when join network without selecting "Enable VPN" item.

5. Icon on system tray has black corruption.

6. Buttons in "Input password" dialogue are slightly bigger than buttons in other Unite windows.

7. "You have just sent a nudge" message is shown when nudge.

8. Text does not fit in warning dialog when log out from Unite network.

9. Input area and text on 'Input password' dialogue are placed in wrong place.

10. History opened from chat window is minimized not to taskbar.

11. Unite icon and control buttons are absent on Remote desktop window for "My Computers" network.

12. Remove "Chat/Delete/Details" items from "Contacts" menu.

13. Unite does not run automatically when system login.

14. Empty pop-up notification is shown if use sign-in from another place with the same account.

15. The share mode option in system menu hook shares application in "viewer only" mode.

16. Application sharing is started in "Interactive mode" despite selected "Viewer mode".

17. "Contact is not in your contact list" tip isn't shown if contact is only in network group.

18. Text does not fit in "Sign in at more than one location" notification.

19. Appear offline icon display incorrectly in 3rd party IM options.

20. IP address could not be shown in My Computers list when that in service mode.

21. Upgrade tip for users using lower Unite version displayed unformatted.

22. "contact is not in your contact list" tip is shown despite contact is already added.

23. "allters" word is shown instead of "alerts" on Notification Setting page.

24. All accounts name should be encrypted in appsetting file.

25. Chat history show empty until user pressed "Refresh" button.

26. Text does not fit in 'View' group box in Options -> General tab.

27. Service option page did not show on non-English Windows.

28. User could not specify group name in other language.

29. Unite could not launch with system start up.

30. User name and password are empty after installation

31. File contents are corrupted after transferred.


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Comodo Unite 3.0.2 is now available for download.

EasyVPN has been rebranded as Comodo Unite to more accurately reflect the feature rich nature of how the product connects people and computers.

- Please uninstall EasyVPN before installing Unite.

32 bit


Size: 17269040 bytes

File Version: 3, 0, 2, 0

MD5: 629B21C0184D42B49211BEC306EDC0AD

SHA1: 5816F70A752AAF739EA09D4F149654BA761DAD48

64 bit


Size: 20122928 bytes

File Version: 3, 0, 2, 0

Modified: 22 August 2011, 07:57:41

MD5: 8F845B079EF10EC4EC75A6143A1EDD2C

SHA1: 6AC8BF635B6EE0CF2147266D91E65D3C7314199B

New to Comodo Unite version:


1. Ability to login to multiple locations with the same user account.

2. 'My Computers' section shows all your computers which are logged in.

3. New long awaited Unite service to establish computer connection via VPN before Windows login.

4. Unite web based system to manage Networks, contacts and personal information which also includes a search feature for networks and contacts.

5. Unicode support, for user profile information and networks.

6. Feature to stop remote control from computer being controlled from a computer under My Computers.

8. Help information for facebook login username when adding 3rd party IM accounts


1. Changing picture function can not work normally sometimes.

2. Clicking tip message to add contact in chat dialog didn't respond after delete the contact.

3. Scroll bar in chat dialog do not display when send multiple files in X64 Windows.

4. IP should be shown on system menu rather than computer name for contacts.

5. The Share App/web, Remote button is enabled after canceled Application list page while it receiving one incoming share request.

6. [Win7/Vista] 'Close' button is absent in 'License' window and minimize/maximize buttons are shown.

7. Unable to perform desktop sharing using a certificate access policy.

8. Help menu item links to EVPN help files.

9. 'License' window has no Win7 style.

10. Spelling error in one of the nudge messages when login multi places.

11. Remote to My Computers does not work.

12. Options window closed unexpected after close the warning message on Services page.

13. Unite does not run automatically when system login.

14. The username and pass edits should be disabled when reconnecting.

15. Minimized chat window should pop up in front after double click the contact.

16. Unable to perform desktop sharing using a certificate access policy (for My Computers).

17. Conference chat window should be shown to its participants after conference chat has started.

18. Changing profile image may not take effect sometimes.

19. User could not connect to facebook account.

20. Contacts profile image shows even if he set option 'Share my picture' off.

21. Received multi-files cause output contents messed.

22. Random defect for long time run.

23. Sign out facebook defect.

24. Contacts in offline show with red-cross mask.

25. History with contact becomes broken if receive any non-XML tag

Version 3.0.2 specific changes:

26. Work in service mode before windows login in is fixed now.

27. 'Connecting...' is shown before VPN being built.




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