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Total Commander [Filhantering]


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Version 11.01


New functions and fixes in Total Commander 11.01:

Updated unrar dlls to 6.23.0. RARLAB has now issued a statement that the unrar dlls are not affected by the critical vulnerability in RAR
Shift+F4 edit new file(s): Multiple names can now be passed also in double quotes separated by spaces, e.g. "file1.txt" "file2.txt" "file3.txt"
cm_Edit: Parameter /N now supports alternate syntax /N=<"file1.txt" "file2.txt" "file3.txt"> to pass multiple names to the function more easily
Compare by content: Set number of lines which must be matching after a difference (CompareFindLines)


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Version 11.02


Total Commander 11.02 available now!
Download Total Commander 11.02 now (Free update/Demo version)

This is a bugfix relase. Complete list of changes.

New functions and fixes in Total Commander 11.02:

  • Synchronize directories: Comparison can now be paused (pause button)
  • Updated libdeflate/libdeflate64 DLLs: In rare cases Windows Explorer 7/10/11 could not extract archives created by this DLL even if the archive is 100% correct and can be extracted with Win7zip/pkzip/ WinRAR/7Zip without problems.
    If you can't or don't want to update now, you can 
    download the new DLLs separately.
  • Files - Test archive(s) finds affected ZIP files, unless disabled (wincmd.ini [Packer] ZipTestWarnExplorer=0)
  • Improved thumbnail caching in thumbnail view
  • Multiple options available for cm_SyncChangeDir function (SyncChangeDirMode in wincmd.ini)
  • Bugfixes.


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