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Skillnad på PCL 5 & PCL 6

PCL = Printer Control Language

Skillnaden är +1 B) . Version 6 kom med ytterligare funktioner efter version 5. Ladda ner 6'an och om något program inte gillar det så prova 5'an.


HP PCL 6 driver
  • Recommended for most users (if it is available), for printing in all-Windows environments including general office
  • Provides the overall best speed, print quality, and printer feature support for most users
  • May not be fully compatible with 3rd party and custom solutions based on PCL 5

HP PCL 5 driver (or PCL 5c or PCL 5e)

  • Recommended for general office Windows printing
  • Backward compatible with previous PCL versions or older LaserJet printers
  • Is the best choice for:
    • 3rd party or home-grown custom solutions (forms, fonts, SAP programs)
    • Mixed environments (UNIX, Linux, mainframe) which require the printer's page description language be set to PCL 5

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