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6 månders Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 license

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Man behöver en "voucher code" som man tydligen kan hitta i någon annons för programmet. Har du sett till någon sådan annons också?

Förlåt, läste lite slarvigt.

Detta kom från The Latest from Raymond:

1. Go to this page http://free.kaspersky.nl/

2. Fill up the form. You have to enter your name in the Achternaam box, Voucher code as HP2NT3X2 and then your working email at Emailadres and Herhaal emailadres box.

free Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 key

3. Click Bevestig button and you should immediately get an email from Kaspersky Lab Benelux (register@kaspersky.nl) with the KIS 2010 activation code.

4. Download

the latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and install. Enter the code when asked to activate the program.

For your information, I just found out that the version 2010 of Kaspersky cannot be activated offline using key file. It must be activated online with the 20 characters activation code. However, you can still go to their activation website and convert it to a key file to be used on older versions of Kaspersky.

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Citat direkt från raymond.cc


I am very sure that this promo is not being posted at anywhere yet because googling the voucher code doesn’t show any results, so it should still work but maybe not for very long. There is a deadline though for this offer which is the 30th of November 2009.
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När man läser kommentarerna på http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2009/10/16/free-kaspersky-internet-security-2010-activation-code-valid-for-6-months/#comments så ser man ju att det har fungerat för de första (ca en timme) men sedan blir det stopp. Kaspersky vill väl inte att "hela världen" ska kunna utnyttja erbjudandet utan det var bara meningen att det skulle gå ut till prenumeranter av en viss tidning.

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