VLC 3.0.16


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För användaren är skillnaden att VLC för Windows 8/8.1 används i Modern UI (Metro) och installeras via Windows Store. När programmet har portats till ARM-processorer, skall det även kunna användas på Windows RT och Windows Phone.

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Ni missförstod mig helt och hållet.

Jag undrar vad det är för skillnad i själva användandet. Den VLC 2.1.4 Win64 som jag installerade på vår dator var 24,5 Mb stor. Appen är bara 9,8 Mb så jag tänkte att det kanske finns någon operativ skillnad på dessa program. Dessutom så står det ju att appen är för Windows 8.1 så skall den vara bättre tillsamman med just Windows 8.1 än vad VLC 2.1.4 Win64 är?

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Den tekniska skillnaden är att VLC för Windows 8/8.1 använder Windows Runtime (WinRT) istället för det gamla Win32. Jag antar att det förklarar storleksskillnaden.

Bättre eller sämre får användaren avgöra. Vill man använda VLC i Modern UI är det VLC för Windows 8/8.1 som gäller. Vill man använda VLC på skrivbordet är det ”gamla” VLC som gäller.


Läs Jean-Baptiste Kempfs blogginlägg: First achievement unlocked!

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En första lanseringskandidat (RC1) för VLC 2.2.0 har släppts för Windows.


64-bit: https://download.videolan.org/pub/videolan/testing/vlc-2.2.0-rc1/win64/

32-bit: https://download.videolan.org/pub/videolan/testing/vlc-2.2.0-rc1/win32/


Changes between 2.1.x and 2.2.0:
Important changes:
 * The licenses of more modules have changed from GPLv2+ to LGPLv2.1+, notably the streaming output, muxers and access output ones
 * Support automatic rotation using streams metadata, GPU-accelerated when possible
 * Partial fix of playback of short audio samples
 * Add extensions download from external repositories
 * Rework the metadata fetching algorithm and policies
 * Added TLS support for ftp access and sout access New schemes for implicit (ftps) and explicit (ftpes) modes
 * MMS audio selection on split audio streams
 * Blu-Ray: support overlays, preferred menu languages, region selection    and BD-J navigation
 * Digital Cinema Package support, including encrypted DCP with KDM
 * Partial fixes for Arccos protected DVDs
 * Support VDPAU acceleration for GPU-zerocopy decoding
 * Support MediaCodec acceleration for GPU-zerocopy decoding
 * Add Media Foundation Transform audio and video decoder
 * Add video decoder module based on GStreamer plugins
 * Add MMAL decoder for Broadcom VideoCore chips (like the RaspberryPi) supporting MPEG-2 and H.264, supporting GPU-zerocopy display
 * Partial support for Voxware MetaSound
 * libvpx decoder for VP8 and VP9
 * Support MSN Audio, Atrac3+, VP7, Bink, TAK, On2 AVC, DK3, DK4, IMC, Vivo g723.1, Smacker, FIC, Auravision, Canopus Lossless, and numerous videogame codecs
 * Teletext subtitles display improvements
 * Mediacodec speed improvements on x86
 * Support setting the post processing level in Theora
 * OpenMax IL improvements, notably for RaspberryPi
 * Fix channel ordering of LPCM codec in m2ts files
 * New jpeg image decoder
 * Add tx3g subtitles decoder
 * New SVG image decoder
 * Fix Speex decoding over RTP and in flv
 * Support more x264 and FFv1 RGB modes
 * Improvements on ZVBI teletext decoder, notably for speed and alignments
 * Support for MPEG-2 encoding using x262
 * Support for HEVC/H.265 encoding using x265
 * Support for Opus encoding using libopus
 * New jpeg image encoder using libjpeg
 * New png image encoder using libpng
 * Support for Core Audio Format (CAF) files
 * Important rework of the Ogg demuxer, notably improving seeking, streaming resilience, speex demuxing and chained Ogg
 * Important rework of the ASF/WMV demuxer, notably for seeking, synchronization and tracks exclusion
 * AVI improvements for better seek-indexing in non-fastseekable situations
 * AVI fixes for uncompressed, indexed and paletized bitmaps
 * MP4 fixes for fragmented files, vobsub, duration, aspect-ratio and support for rotation, covr atom and tracks exclusion
 * Support Opus in MKV
 * Support VP8 in OGG
 * Basic support for WebVTT
 * Handle support for ISO/IEC 14496-3 (AAC) Audio stream type in TS
 * Support HDPR TS files
 * Support microseconds in SubRip subtitles
 * FLAC packets validation using CRC
 * Improvements in metadata support in Ogg/Opus/Vorbis files
 * Fix encoding issues in some XML playlist formats
 * Support THP Wii/Gamecube, RenderWare and Escape Replay game video files
 * New HEVC raw packetizer and demuxer
 * TS support for WiDi/Miracast LPCM
 * Handle MOV/MP4 tx3g styled subtitles through codec
 * Support SVG images files (on glib platforms)
 * Keep selection of tracks on segment changes in MKV
 * Support detection of SRT languages based on filename
 * Support for seeking Standard MIDI Files
Video Output:
 * Direct rendering and filtering for VDPAU hardware acceleration
 * New CoreAnimation OpenGL video output module for NPAPI plugins
 * New OpenGL ES 2.0 through EGL video output module for Android
 * New Android native window provider module
 * Direct rendering for MediaCodec Android hardware acceleration
 * Support for loading HLSL shaders in Direct3D video output
 * Add mmal based video output
Video Filter:
 * New Oldmovie effect filter
 * New VHS effect filter
 * New Freeze effect filter
 * Support I422 and J422 in transform
 * NEON optimizations for deinterleaving chroma, notably NV12->I420
 * Fix audiobargraph activation and usage
Audio Output:
 * Allow setting volume while not connected with PulseAudio
 * Audio device notifications for WASAPI
 * Fix replay of sound buffer in DirectSound
 * Split of MMDevice and WinRT audio modules
 * Numerous fixes on AUHAL, including device management and stream changes
 * Fixes for SPDIF passthru in most modules
 * Important rework of the Ogg muxer, notably for skeleton
 * Fixes for the AVI muxer to respect the specification
 * Support VP8 in OGG
 * Add HEVC muxing in MP4 and TS
 * Important rework of the transcoding module to fix numerous bugs
 * WebM streaming, including live sources, compatible with all major browsers vlc <your-source> vlc://quit --sout  '#transcode{vcodec=VP80,vb=1000,acodec=vorb,ab=128}
 * GSM, VP8, Opus and JPEG RTP packetization
 * HLS: Allow setting the first segment number and numerous improvements
 * new stats module to output block timing values and md5 sums
 * transcode module access fps values as rationals now, eg 30000/1001
 * VLC now streams all elementary streams, you can revert to previous behaviour with --no-sout-all
 * --ts-out option has been removed, it has been superceded by --demux demuxdump  --demuxdump-access udp --demuxdump-file
 * Support Metacube protocol when streaming over HTTP
 * add equalizer API libvlc_audio_equalizer_* functions
 * add libvlc_media_player_program_scrambled function
 * Add a 3D OpenGL spectrum visualization.
 * Allow setting the FFT windowing style for 3D and normal spectrum
 * Add support for subtitles drag 'n drop in skins2
 * Add record button in Qt menus
 * New module for core dialogs on iOS
 * New layout for Qt buttons customization
 * Support to continue media playback where it was left off for Qt and MacOS
Mac OS X Interface:
 * Avoid grey bars in fullscreen when using Mavericks with multiple monitors
 * Improve fullscreen behavior for the native and VLCs own mode
 * Fixes for advanced preferences
 * Option to increase playlist font size
 * New module for TLS on OS X and iOS
 * Windows installer will kill running instance before installing
 * Teletext navigation buttons support in Qt4 gui
Removed modules:
 * ios video output: use ios2
 * OpenMash H.261 video decoder
 * dirac encoder: use schroedinger
 * Update of all translations
Edited by JoWa
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VLC 2.2.2

Alla ändringar mallen 2.2.1 och 2.2.2:

Changes between 2.2.1 and 2.2.2:

* Fix SetupFormat for continuous framesize in v4l2
* Fix off-by-one buffer overflow in RealRtsp module
* Fix screen recording aspect-ratio, framerate and potential crash
* Fix Windows directshow input freeze
* Fix MMS segmentation fault/abort when server forces a large allocation

* Fix support for ms-dvr files
* Fix time detection in AVI files over HTTP
* HLS: fix hang on stop, crashes and small improvements
* Fix mp4 NULL dereference reported by by Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs
* Fix regression for VC-1 in WMV
* Fix MXF crashes on stop
* Fix EAC3 detection in some TS files

* Fix importing surface from main memory in VDPAU
* Fix possible double-free in ADPCM decoder
* Support 9-bit and 10-bit GBR planar formats
* Support GoToMeeting 2 and GoToMeeting 3 codecs
* Fix crash in teletext (zvbi) decoder
* Fix Bluray subtitles (PGS) timestamps

Audio output:
* Fix audio drop after a flush with pulseaudio
* Fix audio initialization on iOS
* Fix audio stuttering with AirPlay devices on OS X (2 sec delay needs to
be set manually by the user)
* Fix pulseaudio latency computation
* Fix alsa default device selection

* Fix video control that fails to show up
* Fix UTF-8 conversion issues
* Fix Unicode folders location failing to open the skins
* Fix crash over malformed skins bitmaps
* Fix fullscreen for Gnome3/Unity Window Managers

* Support for OS X El Capitan
* Fix code signature for releases on El Capitan
* Improve resume dialog, starting time, preferences, lua extensions
* Fix threads ordering, preferences crashes, URL drag'n drops

* Fix crash when opening multiple items on Windows
* Fix recent items appending when using a playlist
* Improve addons manager dialog, playlist
* Fix changing the audio-device in the menu
* Fix key and mouse event support for Qt >= 5.5 under X11
* Fix memory leaks

Video Output:
* Fix build if one disables XCB but activate VDPAU on Unix
* Fix Direct3D plane allocation size to avoid colour bleeding
* Fix some crashes in swscale resizing

* Fix build with recent FreeRDP versions
* Fix interface crashes when input-title-format option is empty
* Fix MP4 mux divide-by-zero crash
* Improve PNG encoding time
* Fix some UPnP initialization lag
* Rewrite of the Jamendo Service Discovery
* Fix snapshot aspect ratio for anamorphic contents
* Fix custom snapshot sizes
* Dynamic generation of GnuTLS Diffie-Hellman parameters
* Fix "vb" transcoding parameter
* Fix superfluous audio channel extraction in the core
* Fix miscellaneous crashes, double-frees, integer overflows, infinite loops,
read overflow, invalid frees and division by zero issues
* Fix support for lua 5.2 and fix XSS in the http interface
* Update and improve Soundcloud, Vimeo and Youtube scripts
* Update of codecs and libraries to fix 3rd party security issues (like
TALOS-CAN-0036, TALOS-CAN-0037, CVE-2015-7981, CVE-2015-8126

* Add Kashmiri and Maithili languages
* Update of most translations

* Expose audio mute, cork and volume change events: libvlc_MediaPlayerCorked,
libvlc_MediaPlayerUncorked, libvlc_MediaPlayerMuted,
libvlc_MediaPlayerUnmuted and libvlc_MediaPlayerAudioVolume
* Fix propagation of libvlc_MediaPlayerTitleChanged event

* Update of most translations


Edited by JoWa
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VLC 2.2.3

Alla ändringar mallen 2.2.2 och 2.2.3:

Changes between 2.2.2 and 2.2.3:

* Fix HLS quality selection and a potential stack overflow
* Fix potential MKV infinite loop and improve MKV tags support
* Fix WMV regression

* Fix hardware decoding with libvdpau-va-gl
* Fix crashes with libvpx
* Use libass without caching dialog

Video Ouptut:
* Fix green lines on Direct3D output

* Fix maximizing Window in multi-screen context

* Fix resume where you left off
* Fix infinite recursion in the customize dialog
* Fix size when switching to/from the minimal interface
* Fix size after resume toolbar is displayed

MacOS X:
* Fix crashes in media information panel
* Correctly respect the disable-screensaver option

* Allow opening more than 15 elements in Explorer

* Update of most translations


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Ändringslogg för VLC 2.2.4:

Changes between 2.2.3 and 2.2.4:


  • Fix crash in G.711 wav files
  • Fix mp3 crash in libmad
  • Fix out-of-bound write in adpcm QT IMA codec (CVE-2016-5108)


  • Fix resizing issues


  • Fix overlay creation on Windows XP for DirectDraw video output


  • Build fixes for Hurd


  • Update of Bulgarian, Catalan, German, French, Italian, Marathi, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish (Mexico), Swedish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese translations


Edited by JoWa
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  • JoWa changed the title to VLC 3.0.16

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