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VLC 3.0.21


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http://www.videolan.org/ är nu uppdaterad, och här är nyheterna i version 1.0.1:

VideoLAN is pleased to announce the release of the second version of the Goldeneye branch of VLC: 1.0.1!

3 weeks after the release of 1.0.0, and with almost 14 million downloads, this minor version fixes most of the notable bugs and regressions that were present in the 1.0.0 version.

Notable fixes and improvements include:

  • fix flv and mpeg2 seeking,
  • fixes for wmv, wav, rtsp and ssa support,
  • fixes for Qt and Mac OS X interface,
  • fix an integer underflow in Real pseudo-RTSP module,
  • updates of some translations,
  • port of the ZVBI module to Windows for full teletext support and
  • codecs updates for Windows and Mac OS X versions.

Mer detaljer här.

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videolan.org har nu uppdaterats.

VLC 1.0.2 is out!


After almost 2 months and 27 million downloads of VLC 1.0.1, the VLC team is proud to present the third version of the Goldeneye branch of VLC: 1.0.2!

This version introduces many fixes, notably for SSA decoding, v4l2, MacOS interface, ogg/theora, x264 modules and security issues. It also introduces the port to 64bits for Mac OS platform and 2 new languages (Kazakh and Croatian).

Because of the security issues, we strongly recommand everybody to update its version of VLC.

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Det finns en 1.0.4, se uppdateringshistoriken.

Inga byggen för Windows och Mac, dock. http://downloads.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/1.0.4/


VLC 1.0.4


The VLC development team is quite happy to introduce a new version of its 'Goldeneye' branch. This release is targetted at fixing bugs on the x11 platforms, fixing bugs especially for KDE, cairo-dock, XCB, v4l and FreeBSD compatibility. Binaries for Windows and Mac OS are not yet on the pipe.

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videolan.org har uppdaterats, och 1.0.5 presenteras sålunda:

VLC 1.0.5


VideoLAN and the VLC developers are very proud to announce their latest release of VLC. After more than 51 million downloads of VLC 1.0.3, this version is specially aimed towards Windows and Mac platforms, and brings various fixes, speed improvements and translations updates.

The Windows version benefits speed-ups from both an updated compiler (gcc 4.4.2) and codecs updates.

The Mac version brings support for the latest Apple Remote and updated codecs too.

Be careful, VLC 1.1 is on the road!

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Hej jag kör VLC 1.1.0-rc nu och jag upplever inga som helt problem med några filformat dessutom kommer den ju snart som RTM om man säger så

Testade Webm också och det fungerar

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